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Saddleback students - a few questions about your program... - page 5

Hi everyone, I have applied to several nursing programs in Orange County, among them Saddleback College's, and I'm wondering how students who are currently enrolled there like the program. ... Read More

  1. by   Malefocker
    I applied for fall 2010 I had 2 A's and a B in my pre-req and a 3.9 GPA sooo 15 pts. I do have all of my nursing core classes complete. Not sure if I will get in but I am hoping and praying. You're right May seems so far away!!!

    To Meri107

    I heard Saddleback pricing is similar in pricing to Golden west somewhere around 5000$ however I am not in the program just remember reading that somewhere
  2. by   2lroberts

    I'm not sure on the exact cost for the whole program, but your tuition estimate sounds about right. Be prepared to spend a LOT of money on books. I spent around $800 for first semester and bought most of mine individually from Barnes and Noble because it ended up being cheaper than the package they put together for you. Good luck to all of you that applied!
  3. by   unlmtdbrdstks
    For those already in the program, when did you have to take a drug test? At the other school I got accepted to, we had to take it after we took the TEAS test, but I have no car, and didn't have any way to get the drug testing center in such short notice. I want to go to saddleback anyway, so it didn't really matter to me. Just don't want to be in that situation again when I go down there in June!
  4. by   Rwkrystal
    Has anyone taken the TEAS yet? I have been studying the ATI study guide and
    am feeling nervous about the test. Some say its really basic and others have said
    it was hard....I'm just wondering how the science portion was?? I'm taking tomorrow.
  5. by   Jessie88
    You've been studying with the right material. I found the ATI study guide very helpful. It covered everything on the test (I had read threads suggesting otherwise, which made me very nervous for no reason). I was especially worried about the science section, but ended up doing very well on it. Just focus on the science section in your ATI study guide, and focus on the way the ATI book asks questions about the material, and you'll be fine. The bad about the science section: the questions are all over the place, so there is no use in focusing on anything specific. Anything from the science chapter in your ATI book may be on your test. The good about the science section: all the questions are incredibly basic, so if you've taken anatomy, you will be able to identify the anatomical structure in the picture they show you, etc. The test is not mean in that it would ask you something you would never remember from your classes. If you've taken the classes and studied ATI book, you'll do great.
  6. by   Rwkrystal
    Hey Jessie...
    thanks for the info.! I took the TEAS test today and I thought some of the
    questions were crazy (rocks,clouds etc!) and others were very basic.
    Soooo glad I had just taken a math class See you in a couple of months
    at SB (oh, test went well!)
  7. by   nursingstudent99
    Quote from AAnderson
    Okay, well I have an update about Saddleback's program. I attended a "paperwork session" this week. It is pretty much a mini-orientation.

    Anyways, a few pointers: take gerontology & pharmacology before starting the program (and any General Education classes that you need to take.)

    My schedule for my first semester is (just with the N170 & N171 classes):
    Wednesday: 7:30am - 2:00pm (Lecture)
    Thursday: 6:30am - 4:00pm (Clinical)
    Friday: 6:30am - 4:00pm (Clinical)

    The schedule isn't terrible, because it will allow me to work on Monday/Tuesday/Saturday...but I'm going to be super busy (and super stressed, I'm sure.)

    Oh, and even though I get out a little early on Wednesday, I have to drive to the hospital & do all of the paperwork on my patient for Thursday/Friday. In between all of this, there is a skills lab, where you have to log in for a minimum of 12 hours throughout the semester (which shouldn't be very hard to do.)

    Required items:
    Liability insurance - $20
    Background check - $50
    Physical exam & vaccinations (you can do them through the student health center, no earlier than 3 months prior to the start of the semester)
    Uniforms (you have to buy them through the school) - $80/set
    Blood pressure cuff
    Watch with second hand
    Bandage scissors

    We have an all day orientation at the end of July...I'm sure it will be another intimidating day!

    I hope that this helps a little

    [FONT="Arial Black"]Hello AAnderson!!!! I have a few questions about books. For your first semester did you use all of the required books and any of the recommended books? Do you have any books you want to sell ?