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Hi everyone, I have applied to several nursing programs in Orange County, among them Saddleback College's, and I'm wondering how students who are currently enrolled there like the program. ... Read More

  1. by   Jessie88
    @ AAnderson:

    Wow, thank you so much for all that information. All of it is really helpful!

    Please keep us updated on anything you want to share. It's really interesting to me to get a glimpse into the kind of life that's ahead of me, and I bet others think the same.

    Anybody feel free to post anything Saddleback related here!

    I applied last week. Please wish me luck.
  2. by   PackersFan

    I apologize for not writing back sooner!!

    What other programs did you apply to?

    Good luck...hopefully I'll be seeing you on campus next spring!
  3. by   Jessie88
    Thank you!

    I applied to Saddleback and Long Beach City, and I am going to apply to Cerritos, Cypress, and Golden West.

    Saddleback is my first choice because of the proximity to my home and because of how friendly and helpful all their staff have been whenever I had a question.

    Other programs may have high NCLEX pass rates too, but their staff wouldn't answer most of my questions and over all made me feel like I was a number on a long list. Saddleback's staff seemed to care about their applicants and their students much more so.
  4. by   Soon2BNurse3
    hello! i'm a saddleback nursing student!

    1. what semester are you in? i'm going into 3rd this august!

    2. what do you like about the program? everyone is supportive...faculty, students, etc. saddleback also has a pretty good reputation. my nurses always seem happy to have a saddleback student which is nice! i hear from other people....on this site and elsewhere....that the instructors are mean & try to fail you. the instructors i've come across at saddleback are very's refreshing.

    3. what do you dislike about the program? / what do you think should be changed? nothing in particular.....i mean it's nursing school, it's tough no matter where you go!

    4. when comparing saddleback to what you've heard of other programs, are there things that you believe saddleback does better than other programs? (aside from producing high nclex pass rates) very supportive & encouraging. they really want you to pass your boards & become a great nurse.

    5. to the a-hunters among you who entered the program with a's in all classes: do you think you'll manage to graduate with a's in all your nursing classes as well? haven't gotten anything but a's so far.....with hard work, a's are definitely possible.

    6. do you work? how much? i actually quit my full-time job when i entered the program based on advice from others who said it was possible but harder. luckily, i saved money & was able to do so. if you don't have to work, it's nice to be able to focus on nursing full time....i wouldn't change anything. if you're someone who has to work, there are lots of people who continue to do so & do just fine.

    7. is there anything you wish you had known before you entered the program? i always knew i wanted to be an rn so i wouldn't let little things get in my way. be prepared to get organized & be ready to put lots of time into your first semester. there's lots to read, videos to watch, & 3 weeks of skills lab which can be a bit overwhelming - just so many new things to learn!!! :typing

    i'll actually be at the july orientation/bbq......w/ cnsa!

    congrats to those who made it's definitely competitive
  5. by   Jessie88
    @ Soon2BNurse:

    Yay, all my questions were answered! Thanks so much!

    It's good to know that part time work is possible. I can do without a full time job for two years, but I will have to work part time. It's also encouraging that you managed to ace all your classes while working. It's important to me to be good at what's assigned to me for both my patient's sake and to keep further educational options open.

    There are two more things I'm curious about, that just now came to my mind:

    Were you finished with all your general ed classes before you entered the program?


    Did you have any pre-exposure to the medical field (related work or related degree)?

    Thanks again. Your post was really helpful!

  6. by   Soon2BNurse3
    well, i did quit my job when i entered the program so i've gotten a's without working.....but it is doable. yes, i was finished with all my general ed classes before the nursing program. i didn't get in my first time so it gave me more time to finish up everything....i think i have a couple of more classes to finish but it's only to transfer...not to graduate. i also had some medical experience....i was a medical assistant for almost 10 years.
  7. by   PackersFan
    After attending the orientation...I have to say that I am really impressed with the program. They have a great support system set up. My friend's BSN orientation consisted of a tour of the school. Saddleback's orientation was a little of everything, including what to expect over the next two years. I am a lot more confident going into this program, knowing that there are people there who actually seem to care!

    I am really excited...but really nervous too.
  8. by   Soon2BNurse3
    [font="tahoma"]they really do have supportive & encouraging instructors

    congrats again & you'll do just fine....the first 3 weeks of skills lab can be tough but be patient...going into the hospital is fun!!!

    good luck :heartbeat

    :typing ok..........back to my studying!!!
  9. by   2lroberts
    Hey everyone! For some reason I stopped getting the email alerts about this thread so I thought it had died was a nice surprise to see all your new posts! Thank you SO much for sharing all the helpful info (and also the encouragment, AAnderson- it was much appreciated ). You guys are getting me way too excited about Saddleback's program- it's really nice to hear that the faculty is supportive and focused on creating great nurses, not just pumping a bunch of people through the program. Now I'm going to be totally bummed if I don't get in!

    AAnderson, if you don't mind sharing, how much are you planning to work during the program? I'd like to work too but I don't want to compromise my grades/sanity.

    Soon2BNurse3, before starting the program had you finished every possible nursing curriculum course that they allow you to take in advance (like pharmacology, the two lifecycle classes, psychology, etc.)? All I have left are the two lifecycles classes but I just found out that you can't take them anywhere but Saddleback. Unfortunately I live 8 hours away so it's just not going to happen. Will I go totally insane if I take these first semester with the nursing core?

    Thanks so much you guys and good luck!
  10. by   Soon2BNurse3
    since i also didn't get in right away, i was able to get all those classes done before starting the nursing program. you should definitely try to do pharm before 1st get a lot thrown at you in 1st & it's just added pressure to do pharm on top of everything else. trust me, take pharm & make it easier on yourself!! it's ok if you don't take it the semester before you get end up re-learning the meds as you go along anyway. gero is easy enough to take during the semester and the growth & dev. class should be easy enough to squeeze in also but you need that before you go into 3rd semester.

    you can of course take pharm & gero in 1st sem......a lot of students do's just easier to get it out of the way before :wink2:
  11. by   2lroberts
    Cool, thanks Soon2BNurse3! Luckily, I took pharm a few semesters ago so I won't have to worry about it (man, I'm happy that class is over!). Glad to hear the rest is pretty manageable. I appreciate all the help!
  12. by   PackersFan
    I'm planning on working about 15-16 hours/week, maybe more, maybe less. I'm an office manager & my job isn't really that stressful. I can study at work if I need to, but it's not ideal, because I do get a lot of interruptions.

    Next summer, depending on the economy, I'm planning on trying to get a second job or at least volunteer at one of the local hospitals, just to get extra experience (and to start networking.)

    Soon2Be: What hospitals were you at for your first semester? I'll be at Western Med & College (for my mental health rotation.)

    I'm really excited about starting the program, but at the same time, I have massive anxiety about it!
  13. by   Soon2BNurse3
    i was at orange coast & college for 1st semester. i know people that were at western med & had good experiences. college hospital is fun . i loved mental health.