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:uhoh3: My family will be checking out the Sacramento area this summer to see if moving there from Maryland will be financially feasible w/ 3 little children. I need some advice as to which... Read More

  1. by   Stitchie
    My sister lives in Sac, has for nearly 20 years now, and has seen it move from 'Cow-town' to urban sprawl, but she wouldn't live anywhere else. Her kids are in high school, can walk to school from her house (she's divorced) and are both in gifted programs. She grew up in Chicago (where we still are, darn the luck) and can't handle the cold anymore.

    From what I 've seen from my niece and nephew, the schools are great; the kids are thriving, both active in sports and activities. They are good kids, which doesn't really have much to do with California as it does parents, but they are a good environment.

    My sister is on the outskirts of Sacramento and used to live in Elk Grove. One thing to keep in mind is that some school districts are year-round.
  2. by   Kim2
    I am also from MD (Columbia) and am looking at the same area in Cali. for the same reasons. I love the outdoors. I KNOW the housing is expensive but trust me from where we are at it isn't much difference! I am seeing that the pay is slightly higher there too. Tell me what you find! I will be interested. I am looking at NP jobs. Good luck!

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    My family will be checking out the Sacramento area this summer to see if moving there from Maryland will be financially feasible w/ 3 little children. I need some advice as to which hospitals I should setup for an interview while we are there. I am an RN of 15 years with the last 8 in critical care(ICU). My RN wife has done some part-time medsurg. work in the last couple of years due to the kids. Will also need some info on which ares to consider when househunting...Elk Grove seems like a reasonable place so far. Any comments will be highly appreciated..
  3. by   amber74
    I have lived in the Sac area for the last 11 years. I finally moved to Grass Valley last summer(40 min from Sac)We have recently been doing research on areas,as we are going to buy a home. Elk Grove/Laguna are having big problems with overcrowding schools and commute problems.Natomas area is about built out.There is area being built right next to that called regency park.Again,there is a lot of congestion around Arco arena. They also have had flooding in past years.We were more impressed with Rocklin/Roseville. We found that lincoln had severe back ups on 65 during rush hour.
    If you have kids, you must go to
    Their test scores,teacher exp,and parent reviews are on there. We had a priority list when it came to finding a home.1-schools/2-location/3 prices
    Our childrens school is a national blue ribbon school and has scores in the high 800's.We have been in a school which was new...and my kids paid for it.
    Now, for prices. To rent a home in Roseville:$1200 and up a month.Apartments seem to go for the same if you need a 3 bedroom.
    You could get in a home for about 280,000 in Antelope.But, in Roseville,your looking at about 350 to start. Those are few and far between. Go to and check out their metro list of homes.They have all of the MLS listings there.Also, I heard Sutter Roseville is a great place to work.
    Good Luck!
    Grass VAlley CA
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  4. by   kjschulke
    I think that with your RN experience, particularly ICU, you'll find a lot of job options in Sacramento and it will be a matter of finding the best fit for your priorities. The four main hospital systems here are University of California, Davis Medical Center (in Sacramento), Kaiser, Sutter, and Mercy (Catholic Healthcare West). You can find their most detailed ads in the Sunday edition of the Sacramento Bee newspaper. There are pros and cons to working in any of these systems, so it's a matter of choosing among options like union representation, teaching hospital, private hospital, Catholic hospital, regional trauma center, wages, health care/ retirement benefits, tuition reimbursement, continuing education opportunities, sick-time, paid-time off, length of shifts, floating policies, skill mix, ratios, etc. If you bring these issues up to the various nurse recruiters, I think you'll narrow down your choices for interviews. Also, in light of your experience, you should be able to negotiate help ($$) with relocation. As far as commuting goes, it depends on when your shifts begin and end as well as what you are used to. I lived in Baltimore and Annapolis in '96-97 while attending nursing school in Md and thought the DC and Baltimore beltways were pretty congested. Feel free to PM or email me with any questions.