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Hi- I'm wondering about opinions on an unpaid RN residency. My community college has just started a post-licensure 3 month training program in the local hospitals. There is no stipend and no... Read More

  1. by   Freedom42
    Quote from dianabay
    I completed a three year diploma program- I mean 3 FULL years. No spring breaks. Summers were for "summer rotation" in med-surg.

    Third year we worked as a "Nurse Intern" for a FULL 12 months, 40 hours a week. And, you were the charge nurse on every shift for 4 months. As interns we were allowed to do everything a RN did, except give IV lasix. For that we had to be supervised. We staffed the hospital.

    In return, we had free nursing residence, subsidized meals ($1) and got paid $84.00 a month! ha ha

    BUT, because if that year of experience, none of us had trouble finding a job.
    You staffed the hospital, you got valuable experience, and you had a compensation package. Sounds like a good deal for all concerned.
  2. by   dianabay
    Yes, it was a great deal for all, Freedom.

    Too bad it does not exist anymore. The entry to practice is now a BSN, so no more diploma programs......