Riverside Community College (RCC)

  1. Is anyone out there waiting to hear back from RCC? How many points do you have? It seems like 80 is the cut off......Does anyone know when we will hear from them on whether or not we get in?
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  3. by   natalie51196
    BUMP! No one on here going to RCC???
  4. by   justwaiting
    I am still waiting to hear back also. From what I remember, they are going to start sending letters out in June or early July.
    Good Luck!
  5. by   natalie51196
    How many points did you have?
  6. by   justwaiting
    I should have 90 points. How about yourself?
  7. by   natalie51196
    I only have 80 Im hoping its enough.....but from what I hear its 85 and up. Let me know when you get an acceptance so I can keep an eye out!
  8. by   justwaiting
    Will do!
  9. by   AloeBlox
    good luck.... that school still prefers current students that have been there for 1 year 800 applicants in one term.... haha yea right
  10. by   natalie51196
    I am a current student but somehow I dont think its gunna be enough Yeah there is an ABSURD amount of people applying each semester! Did you apply too? How many points do you have?
  11. by   wanna be nurse
    I'm still waiting to hear from RCC also, and it's killing me! I should have 85 points, but I am also wondering if that is enough with them only accepting around 50 students out of 800! Let me know when anyone hears anything!!!
  12. by   AloeBlox
    i only applied last year when i got my 1st BA from csusb n got declined...... when i found out they only took in like 8 applicants.......they used to have a waiting list and that got removed but since those students already waiting got in last fall therefore anyone whom applied for fall of last year got lucky if they got in...( i think it was fall not sure) therefore i never applied. i had 5 friends in that list thats why i know.... now i will be starting at valley college this coming up spring
  13. by   AloeBlox
    yea n they always say they get a HUGE # of applicants.... its like 36 per day supposedly haha good luck
  14. by   fullofenergy
    I was accepted to RCC for the Fall. I really do not know how many points I got. I know that I did not get the maximum amount in each category. I believe I should have had 90 points. You definitely want to have 4.0 in A & P and microbiology and at least an 82% in the TEAS. If you can get 5 pts for a degree or get the CNA training and take a course in a foreign language, those are two things that can help. The TEAS and the coursework is most critical since it gives the most points.