Reinstate of Revoke LVN Calif How To?

  1. I had my LVN license revoked in 2003 resulting from unprofessional behavior (DUI's), for 3 years. I'm trying to find any infor on how to go about getting reinstated after the three years. I've been through rehab and have been off probation (County) for 2 years. It took Dept. of Consumer Affairs 3 years to make the decision to revoke it. I have not practiced since Sept. of '2000 hoping that I was showing good faith until they made their determination. Didn't do me a bit of good and I don't have a whole lot of faith in the system. Any, any I mean any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much and it's nice to have found this web site. I feel like an alien, an abandoned one at that.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You would need to contact the BON directly. They are the only ones that can provide any information to you, as each case is handled differently.
  4. by   agnescwal
    hello-----just need clarification, did you get SUSPENDED?? or:REVOKED? Revoked is forever, i'm pretty sure, sounds like suspension. Do you have a Nursing Board Order? Same punishment for me, but different circumstances...appeared before the BON, got my "order", did my time, (and all the other bull-crap they insisted on me doing), called the BON for hearing "for re-enstatement", got papers in the mail, they schedule you for the next BON hearing, to re-instate your license. GOOD LUCK!! I HATE ALL OF THEM. THEY ARE RUDE, ARROGANT, MIS-INFORMED 90% of the time, AND THEY THINK THEY OWN YOU! i'm SOOO glad i'm finished with them...i'd love to check them for DUI's !!!!
  5. by   kitten77
    I would contact the board directly. I think they have a hearing for stuff like this. In school they let us go to the hearing to see what type of experience this is. Best Wishes