Providence New Grad January 2016

  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering if anyone has heard anything back from any of the Providence Medical Centers.

    I got a call yesterday and they asked me what my preference in hospitals was and I told them I would be happy working for any of their hospitals and they asked me what I wanted to specialize in and I told them pediatrics. They told me they would set me up with Providence Little Company of Mary in Torrance and I would get a call back soon. My friend got scheduled an interview for another Providence Medical Center for their med surg unit and now I'm starting to worry that I made a mistake and I'm not going to get an interview because I said I wanted to specialize in pediatrics
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  4. by   chrispp
    I have yet to receive a phone call but apparently my app is "under consideration". I hope to hear something soon. Best of luck.
  5. by   BoxingRN
    Most Providence locations don't have a pediatrics unit. Providence is a great company to work for though! Their new grad program is excellent!!
  6. by   omgGigi
    No phone calls but my apps are still "under consideration". The dates updated this week and last week on two of the applications but still under consideration. I'm hoping that means I made it into a call pile. Fingers crossed!
  7. by   AnotherSoCalRN
    From what I have heard, we will start getting phone calls/interviews by the end of the month. The program starts on January 25th.
  8. by   omgGigi
    Has anyone who applied heard anything yet? My status is still "under consideration".
  9. by   chrispp
    same here, "under consideration" nothing yet
  10. by   dalsor
    I work at Little Company Torrance, our Peds unit is pretty small, but they've been hiring a gripload of new grads!
  11. by   chrispp
    Well that's great to hear! Thanks Dalsor!
  12. by   nursej_
    I haven't heard anything yet. My application still says "under consideration"

    Dalsor, that is really great to hear! (:
  13. by   akrkwk310
    I received a call last week and went in for an interview just past friday

    it was panel interview with some basic questions

    it was for 7th floor GI med surge and idk how many positions there are to hire new grads.... I hope to hear back from them soon
  14. by   chrispp
    Can you tell me if this was for Torrance or San Pedro? Also, do you have a BSN? I am currently doing my RN-MSN bridge. Wondering if not having my BSN just an ADN has put me at a disadvantage. Best of luck. I hope you hear back soon.
  15. by   akrkwk310
    It was at st joseph in burbank
    it was for their TIP program
    i only have an ADN with an active license
    ans i did specified that the highest degree i have is ADN although im getting my BSN next month

    i did two clinical rotations at Little company of Mary

    I really wonder how many New grads they are hiring and how many were picked for an interview