Providence little company of Mary 2013 - page 6

Hey did anyone get a call for their new grad march cohort? If so, do you know what the interview process is like or what units they are hiring for?... Read More

  1. by   Lamjammcgee
    hello i was trying to apply to either torrance or san pedro and there is no new grad dates and i can't get anyone to answer the phone. did you apply through the providence site?
  2. by   Lamjammcgee
    Quote from RN12PTL
    Did anyone else get a call fir the Torrance one?? I didn't realize San Pedro had the same name or would have specified that in the title. Good luck to everyone though!!!
    I was looking into Providence but the main site doesn't have dates for new grad program and i can't get anyone to call me back from either Torrance or San Pedro. Did y'all apply through Providence main site?
  3. by   friendlyRN007
    Anyone hear back from San Pedro TIP program to start April 4, 2016?