places RN's can work that are not hospitals?

  1. I am fairly new to the central valley (Fresno), and I am wondering if their are any places that a new (I will be a RN for a year in November) RN can work that is not a hospital.

    I am having an extremely hard time enjoying my job. I am getting to the point where I want to quit and work at a grocery store.. Any advice would be great.. thanks..
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  3. by   nursingisworkRN
    I know that here in SoCal there are many different options for a new grad RN. You may consider an outpt clinic, county health facility, rehabilition facility, long term care/ SNF, dialysis center, private md offices, psychiatric facilities, and I think that some of the private care agencies are now willing to train new nurses for private duty. There are probably many many more places. I work in the hospital, so my ideas are limited.

    Keep your eyes open and good luck!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    There's occupational health nursing, where you administer hearing and vision tests to employees, collect blood work, provide education to factory workers, and treat occasional first aid injuries in the industrial setting (factories, treatment plants, etc).
  5. by   Psqrd
    Have you considered a blood donation center?
    I used to work for a blood center, the positive things are that your clients are healthy volunteers and you are making a contribution to health care. Some centers do perform therapeutic phlebotomies so these individuals are considered patients but again usually a very positive experience.
    The pay is much lower for RN's but with everything the trade off might be worth it for you.
    Good luck!
  6. by   flpsychnurse
    Not sure about your area, but there is research nursing to try. Like clinical trials...