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I am going to be graduating from nursing school in May of 07. I've talked to a bunch of hospitals in california to get information on new grad programs and pay rates. The best hospitals I have found... Read More

  1. by   chuchie
    Corona del Mar is really expensive and if you lived in Huntington beach and drove to Newport beach that would not be a bad drive at all. PCH is mostly congested on the weekends when everyone is off of work. I don't think it would be a bad drive if you lived in Anaheim and drove to Hoag, maybe like a 1/2 hour down 55 freeway? Plus you will learn the side streets in case there is an accident and if you are working 12s then you won't be commuting at the peak times of rush hour. I would also check out the city of Tustin for apts, I don't think they are too bad and you would be closer than Anaheim. Also, before you commit to where you want to live (I'm not trying to freak you out or anything) you should check out this website you can enter your address and see if you would be living right by any registered sex offenders.
  2. by   luv2shopp85
    Thanks for the info ^^!!
    Also from what I understand... all i need to do is fill out an application with hoag and then i can get hired? Is this true? No interview? Ireally need to find a job with no interview required since I live in pa. That way i dont have to make a trip to california just to get interviewed. Unless of course they would pay for it. Does anyone know anything about this?
  3. by   JaneyW
    OK, I live and have lived in Orange County for almost 20 years. I work at UC Irvine Medical Center which is a large university teaching hospital in Orange (yes, it is not in Irvine!). They have an excellent and comprehensive new grad program and the pay and benefits are terrific as they are unionized and owned by the state of California. St Joe's and St Jude's are sister hospitals and are very good. I wouldn't worry about not getting a call back--you are not their main priority as you can't work until next fall! Mission Hospital is also a sister hospital to them and very good.

    Hoag is great. Saddleback is a beautiful hospital and the med/surg/ICU/ER would be good. I have found their pay rate to not be as high. So Cal is a hugely populated area. There are hospitals EVERYWHERE!! there are people and traffic EVERYWHERE!! You can't avoid the traffic--you just learn to get around it. Working 12 hour shifts is helpful. You may get a day shift as a new grad, but not likely. You are also probably not going to be able to get a job without at least a phone interview.

    I live in north OC and it doesn't stop me from going to the beach regularly. My BIL was here from Illinois this weekend for a wedding and I took him boogie boarding at Newport and we saw costumed surfers--fun! He also made the comment that there are more students at my son's high school (3200) than there are people in his town. If I were you, I would at least come out for a vacation before commiting to a job. It's hard to tell anything about the hospitals or places to live without seeing them. Some areas of Anaheim (home to Disneyland, the Angels and the Ducks!) are fine and others are not so good--there might be a reason they are less expensive.

    Good luck to you, but remember that even with a shortage you will have to try to get a good job. It won't fall in your lap. We have a lot of hospitals and also a lot of nursing schools with new grads looking for jobs. This is good for me as I am getting an MSN to teach, but it means that you are on the right track to start looking now. Come out and visit, though, to make sure it is what you think it is.
  4. by   chuchie
    Don't go into an apartment that is really cheap, that usually means bad company. I don't like Buena Park/ Stanton (no offense to anyone that lives there) at all so don't go towards that side of Anaheim, try getting close to the Orange side. I know you stated that you have a map, UCI, CHOC, and St. Jude's are off of the 22 freeway on main street and it is right by the Orange Block on The City Dr. The Block is a cool area to go shopping and that street turns into State College, which will have Edison Field and Arrowhead pond. I talked to one of my cousin's friends the other day who works at Hoag and she says that they have excellent benefits and will try to work with new grads. She lives in Fullerton and works at Hoag and she says it takes her about a half hour going down Euclid. North Orange County is good about having grocery stores/walmart near by for conveniences. Are you going to stay with someone at first when you move out here?
  5. by   luv2shopp85
    Thanks for the info! I'm going to be moving with 2 of my friends. I really don't want to be too far inland that i willend up getting stuck in traffic for an hour on my way to work.
  6. by   chuchie
    You will be okay in North Orange County, like a previous poster said..there is always some kind of traffic in SoCal, but if you lived in/around Anaheim you will be okay. Now, if you were to live out by me (Corona) or other cities in the inland empire you have some seriously nasty traffic. As I'm sure you are aware, housing in California is very high and housing is cheap out there so for people heading out in that direction that is where you run into some serious problems.
  7. by   Calgary_StudentNurse
    Is there anyone who lives in Huntington Beach and travels to Hoag for work? I am interested what it is like to live in Huntington and approx. how long it is to drive in.
  8. by   luv2shopp85
    Quote from Calgary_StudentNurse
    Is there anyone who lives in Huntington Beach and travels to Hoag for work? I am interested what it is like to live in Huntington and approx. how long it is to drive in.
    Thats what I think I'm going to do as well.
  9. by   pickledpepperRN
    A former co worker and family sold their Los Angeles house and bought in Huntington Beach. She loves it there even though she had to go on nights and always worked days.
    She is an excellent nurse who wouldn't work where patient care was substandard. I haven't heard her complain about traffic, but then she came from LA!

    UC Irvine hospital has a great reputation too. If you like a big teaching hospital with lots of specialties it may be for you.
    I don't know much about other Orange County hospitals.