Nursing School Insurance and Pre-Existing Condition

  1. 4:21 am by jwrands

    I am looking into potentially becoming a nurse if I can. Early this past year, I was diagnosed with an illness that kind of came out of left field. It's definitely taken it's toll on me a bit (I've been out on leave for almost half a year already because of said illness), but it's also made me think of becoming a nurse. Right now I am doing some preliminary research on programs and schools, primarily ABSN and AMSN programs since I have a BA already.

    In doing research, it seems that all the schools require students be insured and also carry liability insurance during clinicals. I was just wondering for those of you who might have a pre-existing condition, how did you handle these insurance requirements? Do most schools have SHIP that don't factor in pre-existing conditions? I know it may vary for each school, but for those of you who have a pre-existing condition and elected to go with a SHIP, have you found it to be sufficient? Also, how much do you pay per year for the SHIP?

    Do any of you just rely on COBRA from a previous job? I am employed right now and have a pretty good insurance plan especially since my company contributes to the monthly premium. However, without the company contribution, it will be rather expensive.

    Anyway, lots of things to think about on my end, but just trying to do my due diligence and see if becoming a nurse is possible. Thanks in advance.

    *Note: To the board moderator, I meant to post to this forum as opposed to the general CA Nursing forum. Thanks.
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  3. by   SoCalCrystal
    I have been a type I diabetic for almost twenty years and I just started my ADN program. They do not require me to carry health insurance but I am required to carry liability insurance which does not factor any preexisting conditions. It is hard to get through school as far as costs go for me but I manage. There is a ends to a means. If you have any specific questions send me a message and I can answer them
  4. by   jwrands
    Hi SoCalCrystal,

    Thanks for the reply. Good to know about the liability insurance. Another poster here mentioned the same things which makes sense. If you don't mind me asking, although your school does not require students to carry health insurance, are you insured? If yes, what type of insurance is it? Is it through the state or through a private insurer? I can't send private messages yet, but if I have more specific questions, I'll definitely post it here. Thanks!

    ps. I had actually posted this topic in another thread which has received some responses. It was moved to here: Nursing School Insurance and Pre-Existing Condition