North Orange County ROP LVN Program - page 4

I am trying to get into the North Orange County Regional Occupational Program LVN program. I was just wondering if there is anyone here that went there. If so, how long did it take you to get in? ... Read More

  1. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    yay! Mine is T I won't be seeing you =/ But congratzzz...! Maybe we can help each other on the HW lol =) PM me or save me as a friend.
  2. by   BeJuled
    Yes definately!! We will see each other if we both get accepted into the program.... lets cross our fingers!
  3. by   nmac19
    Im in the M/W class the first day of class was okay
  4. by   BeJuled
    I was there too and will be there tonight!! wonder if we will figure out who each other are....
  5. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    i am so scared. I really want to get into the lvn program but there's only 60 spots?? there's like 100 students in my T TH class (21 H.S Students) . Mostly High School students will get in. Im considered an "adult". Ugh!!!
  6. by   BeJuled
    I know exactly what you mean!!! theres a ton of people in my class too but only like 6 high school students... how many points do you guys have??
  7. by   TuyenPreNurse58
    good the less hs students the better xP I have 80-85 pts i need to calculate it again tho. Im scared cus she said a deciding factor is the CNA and i do not have one. How much do u have?
  8. by   BeJuled
    well without the interview I have 60 assuming i get a 20-25 on the interview I'll have around 85 doesn't really matter if you have your CNA or not if you will have that many points I dont think...just as long as you have the points I don't think it matters what area you have them in
  9. by   nmac19
    I have my inteview next week I'm so nervous any tips......
  10. by   nmac19
    I have 45 pts without the interview.....
  11. by   nmac19
    My interview went well know just waiting if I get accepted
  12. by   nmac19
    I am so happy I got accepted into the program. Hope everyone else
    Got accepted
  13. by   aischick6775
    im not sure how this website works but this question is for the north orange county rop current and past students for the lvn program.... i might be jumping into the middle of the program.. just wanted some heads up of the color of the uniforms and would we be only wearing the scrubs at clinicals or class too???