Non-degree RN license issues... - page 3

There's an issue going on with our nursing program... In December our class will have all the requirements needed to test for the nclex but we aren't issued degrees cause we still have another... Read More

  1. by   MissFairy
    OK I'm a RN orginally licensed in California back in 1985....was an LVN while working on RN so I am a diploma nurse....back then my boards were for California there was no in 2004 never thinking I would leave California I decided to leave Cali to my RN there....and they are a compact state so I am licensed in Multi much for needing a degree....I do intend on Arizona will recognize my much for restricting oneself....
  2. by   kamiworm
    My advice is that you contact the BRN on licensure regulations and qualifications. The market is saturated currently by NON-employed RNs who are Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree graduates. Unless you are in a rural area or Internship program while in school finding a non-graduate job in the hospital's are nearly non-existant since they are all fighting for Magnet status for recognition leading to narrow entry & more competition in nursing.