New Grad programmes for "outsiders"

  1. hey guys!

    just wondering if there are any new grad programmes that accept newly qualified nurses trained outside of US? iv my 9months pre reg work placement done and started a job in renal in september 2012. I went on to graduate in november 12. any links or advice be mich appreciated! im still eligable for a 1year work visa or the j1 as im not a year over graduating .. so hopefully in that time i may b able to get set up! if not, at least il have tried!!
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  3. by   perioddrama
    The new grad programs generally are for RNs that have less than 1 year experience (some programs require you to have graduated within the last 6 months). These programs are very, very competitive. I do not believe there are any solely for those that were educated on the "outside."

    In CA at least, there are some programs that have cancelled their upcoming programs... or at least, postponed indefinitely. So, you have to check the hospital's website often for updates.

    There are also refresher courses throughout the U.S.A. These have varied time lengths. You pay for the refresher course (you do not get paid); however, they are similar to new grad programs in that they are structured with a mix of didactic and clinical work.

    Good luck!
  4. by   Rjohn081
    cool thanks a mill for that!

    are there any hospitals in particular i should pay more attention to or hospitals that i should stay away from!?

    theres such mixed views on this forum about no chances of getting a job and others say theres always a chance to get one! im guna try anyway i can, if its meant to be itl be!!
  5. by   perioddrama
    Not really.

    It is more of making sure you meet all the requirements, being on top of the search in the new grad programs (when they open and such. Some programs close applications after the first 500 applicants is reached, for example), making your application stand out in order to hopefully get an interview.

    New grad programs are cut-throat and very, very competitive. Be prepared for a lot of rejection letters.

    Refresher courses are also becoming more cut-throat as well.

    Good luck!
  6. by   Esme12
    California has some tough requirements for "outside" applicants in order to be able to site for the US nursing board test NCLEX. They have a very strict concurrent curriculum requirement which disqualifies many foreign grads. Jobs are at a premium in CA and the new grad positions/residencies even more difficult to obtain. The unemployment rate of new grads that graduated from a CA school is as high as 47% are unemployed or under employed...the job market in the US....regardless of what you hear on the news ....remains abysmal.

    I wish you the best!
  7. by   Rjohn081
    does any of you guys know the specific requirements? i emailed the nursing board again for the 2nd time to enquire about the process in general.. but what i need to know is the minimum requirement of hours from each field maternity, paeds and psych! they wouldve been specialised placements for me.. for example i wouldve omly done 32hrs of maternity plus then lectures! :/
  8. by   perioddrama
    Depending on which e-mail you mailed to (there's 3 options depending on subject matter), CA BON is generally good at replying.

    You can try searching for the hours breakdown here: Board of Registered Nursing - Title 16, California Code of Regulations
  9. by   Rjohn081
    oh i kinda guessed they would take time with the amount of applicants , so im better off just ringing them am i? because obviously i cant do much unless i apply to them+if the dont reply im stuck! maybe they wont because theres a hold on applying or something.. anyway il be annoying and just ring! thanks for the link too!
  10. by   Rjohn081
    no ideas on the amount of hours required for each field?
  11. by   c2011
    I went to nursing school out of state (but in the US) and got a minimum of 84 hours in each clinical area, right after school I got my CA license so I know my hours were sufficient. Not sure if there are any differences for requirements outside of the US education system. Lectures don't count for clinical time. Hope this helps!
  12. by   Rjohn081
    thank you yes every little bit of info helps! im going to ring the board of nursing when i get a chance! thanks a mill