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Hello everyone, I am new to I graduated in May and passed my boards this past July... Unfortunately I took my mom's advice (who is also an RN) and focused on my exam instead of... Read More

  1. by   metalmom
    I'm in the same boat. I live in the IE and am ready to sell my home and move out of state to find a job. I graduated in May. I got my kicense in July but thought that I'd do the right thing and spend time with those kids I haven't seen in awhile. Now what? I'm willing to work med-surg.
  2. by   mixyplixy
    Sounds like you are just being too particular for your situation. You have to be more flexible as to location and shift at least for the first 6 mos or so. Try a SNF, learn what you can and then go on to acute.
  3. by   metalmom
    As a Clifornia licensed Psych Tech, I've worked Psych & SNF for almost 26 years. If I could get my foot in the door at this point, I would take a night shift, although it would mean 4-5h sleep/day so that I could fight the lovely So Cal evening off-work rush.
  4. by   mandykal
    Quote from chrysantha
    Hello everyone, I am new to

    Any advice will help.

    As one of the poster mention you are being particular about your situation. My advice is to change your goal as you mention "to find a hospital with a positive work environment and good support for new grads in training!" You've accomplished a huge goal, you're a nurse. If you have financial obligations then getting into anything in nursing should be your first goal. Then when your there focus and learn alittle, at the same time look for whatever your looking for.

    I was making 15.00/hr as a CNA when I graduated a nurse. I'm limited as to where I can apply because lots of specialty don't hire lpn's. My first job as nurse, I was making the same amount $15.00/hr at an LTC. How pathetic can that be to many, but to me it was just a job to get my foot in. 9 months later, I found what I was looking for a supportive working environment, a VERY clean workplace $11.00/hr more. So, get what you can for now and look later....
  5. by   NurseyPoo
    I initially had the same problem. I started to become very discouraged but it all worked out. I would apply for a job in med-surg somewhere. You will get the opportunity to improve on your assessment skills. Have you tried to apply for a float position in one of the hospitals? A float position will allow you to see all of the units and you can meet a lot of unit directors and staff. This will allow you to really make a good impression. Another idea is to apply for one of the positions that requires weekends or nights. If you do not have small children this works out well because there are several shifts that all hospitals have a hard time filling. Don't try to specialize right now, just get your feet in the door and build on your experience.

    Good luck!
  6. by   metalmom
    It's not that I'm being particular about my situation. Like I said, I've been a licensed professional (PT) working in a state hospital for over 25y. I have all kinds of experience, mostly psych, snf, icf. The problem was, they weren't calling back. Finally yesterday, I got the call I've been waiting for after submitting an online app just Friday. I interviewed yesterday & got the job on a DOU/Tele floor making $4-6 more/hr than my classmates that started right after graduation, the reason being that I have 25+ years experience in the field.
    Thanks all for your responses. Particularly Lizz. You were right on the mark.
  7. by   777RNThatsMe
    I just found a job too - days. But, i start per diem which is's more money w/out benes and flexible... in an acu where I will get fulltime training just as any regular staff personnel...praise God. So... it'll work and later on...what comes will come.

    But yes it can be tough as a new grad depending on where you live.
  8. by   metalmom
    777RNThats Me,
    How exciting for you. You got your foot in the door. That's what matters. It's not that easy. Some places are a little slow at responding to their applicants.