New grad needs help!

  1. I recently moved to the Bay Area from Columbus, OH. I have my BSN and I recently passed my NCLEX here. However, I having trouble finding a job. I applied at every hospital within 20 miles. I have recently began searching further (which would expand my applications to 20 different hospitals). I am getting discouraged because it seems I am doing everything I am supposed to but without any luck. I am considering working as a registry nurse for the time being, until I can find a permanent position. I would appreciate anyone's advice, or if anyone knows of any good registries it would be a geat help.

    Thanks, Bhima
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  3. by   luv2shopp85
    I thought there was a nursing shortage in CA? I can't beileve you can't find a job.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    First, are you a US citizen or have appropriate clearance to work in the USA?

    Second, what sort of position are you looking for, in terms of shift/unit?
  5. by   suzanne4
    To clear up a few things, the Bay Area is the highest paying area in the US for nurses, therefore quite a few wish to work in this area. New grad programs usually start in August and February. If you have two years experience, it is no issue finding a position, but as a new grad, it is.

    Agency is definitely not the route to go, you have no experience under your belt. How are you going to function on a unit without oritentation, if in a hospital; or care for thirty patients in LTC and be legally responsible for them? Plus when working agency, you are expected to have some training and experience behind you...........

    Unfortunately, you are not going to find registry work if you have never worked as an RN in a facility of some type before. And if you find one that will take you, RUN!!!!! That means that they are just concerned with filling a shift, and not your license. A sure mean to losing it very quickly and before you get started.
  6. by   Bhima
    I found a small community hospital a hour north of SF that is eager to hire me. They are offering $30/hr and since I need work I want to take it. I just feel kind of guilty taking the position if I am going to be applying to local new grad programs for Feb. Thanks for the advice on agency nursing. As soon as I posted my resume online I began getting a lot of calls from agencies but some of them were unprofessional and made me weary. I guess I better start applying to Feb. new grad programs now because I imagine some hospitals have already started the application process.

    Thanks so much for your assistance and advice.---Bhima