new grad. need advice. plz help

  1. hi everyone
    im a new RN grad. I'm from los angeles california, but moved to oklahoma to get my RN because could'nt get into any school in california. I have been thinking about moving back to bay area so i can start working to pay off my loans. But cant decide if i should stay in oklahoma and finish my BSN or come back to CA to start working. Please help!!!! Im desparate for advice!!!!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Bay Area has higher salaries but much higher cost of living so that should be factored into your thinking, as well as a higher tax base than where you currently are.
  4. by   Shantas
    I was told by a nursing student at my work that Loma Linda University Hospital, San Bernerdino, CA will pay for your tution fees towards BSN if you sign a contract to work for the hospital after you graduate. I am not sure how many years you have to work. I know Loma Linda does not pay that well compared to the other hospitals. But if you are not too concern about money and want to finish your BSN I think it will be a good option.
    While you go to school, you can also work per-diem as a RN for some extra cash...
    I hope it will help you
  5. by   sstars
    oh k thanx for your reply!!! I think I am going to call Loma Linda on Monday!!!