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Anyone know how long it takes for the testing to go through to the California BRN and for them to give you your license. I took the NCLEX this past Tuesday and have been checking all week long to see... Read More

  1. by   nurstudnt546
    *PICURN* I was about to say the same thing: "How were you able to test without them having your transcripts?" Anyhow, I know asking this question is not therapeutic for you as you wait for your results, so ... I will keep on waiting with you and send good (((vibes))) your way and hope that it won't be too much longer (in the mean time, I'll keep my party hat on so we can celebrate together :hatparty: ). Keep us posted!
  2. by   eperey
    Quote from nurstudnt546
    eperey, I'm sorry that you have to wait longer to find out. I actually found out from one of my classmates that the California BRN was having technical issues and somehow was not able to post names/new licensees on their web site (she had taken them on Feb 10th and waited almost two weeks for her results/license to be posted on their site! :uhoh21.

    I know the wait is stressful, so let's hope that is the case and that soon you'll also be seeing your name as well, let me know.
    That gives me a bit of hope. Thanks. I'll keep you posted.
  3. by   *PICURN*
    I have NO idea how I got an ATT w/o a transcript.

    When I got the ATT, I assumed they had my transcripts....I got a letter saying that they still didn't have my transcripts about a week before the ATT came, so I figured they got them in that week!....guess not!

    what a nightmare we all have to go through....just hope i never have to do it again!
  4. by   kamee
    Hi Picurn,
    Well i amabout to take the boards again. i feel bad because my classmates were wondering what happened to me. They are RN for almost a year now. I am so embarassed that I have to go through it again but I have to try right? i took the Kaplan course, I think it help me alot especially with prioritization. How did your coworker/classmate that took the class do? Did she passed the board? thanks for your time!!!God Bless you and I pray I pass it this time.
  5. by   newgrad2005
    Took NCLEX today 5/26/05. Now the big wait begins... I plan on checking the website frequently to see if a license has been issued to me... yes, I've already checked this big surprise my name wasn't there!!! :chuckle
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  6. by   newgrad2005
    I passed!!!

    My license was issued yesterday 5/31/05!!! I am a CA RN!!!
  7. by   suzanne4
    congratulations! :hatparty: