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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   bobOC
    Thank you for detailed answer to my books question. How is it to be in the program? Do students find themselves extremely busy, or curriculum allows some time for work and personal life, etc?
  2. by   gnomik79
    It's all about time management and your study habits. You have to find the right balance. Some people need to study for hours, others need to do a quick overview and they're fine. The program is overwhelming at times but you get used to the fast pace. Every class is different in its intensity. Many students have families, children and jobs. I can tell you that in my cohort there are quite a few people who find time to go out and socialize on a regular basis *wine: some of them still manage to do very well in the class, and others pay for it with bad grades and constant complains of "I didn't have time to study" or "I was picking up extra shifts at works", and still they don't learn from their own mistakes. :smackingf At the orientation, they straight up tell you "Put your life on hold for the duration of the program: don't plan weddings, babies or vacations. Limit your work schedule and be flexible." So that's what you need to keep in mind, and just find out what works for you individually.:thnkg:
  3. by   bobOC
    thank you, gnomik79, for sharing. will try my best in school and look forward to start j
  4. by   9fingers
    To any of you in an evening cohort, how difficult has it been to get evening clinicals or saturday/sunday clinicals.

    I am in the process of applying but really need to know since my work is days only where weekday mornings are required.

    I know they say they cannot guarantee any specific days but what have you found to be the case? Is switching allowed etc. Thanks.
  5. by   9fingers
    For any of you who have been accepted and/or are already in the program, what TEAS score did you have. I have already taken it for another program but wonder if I should try again to get a higher score?
  6. by   dachlewis
    No babies? Uh oh, I start in April with the 22nd Cohort! My first baby ever is due on April 23rd! I have about 4 gray hairs on my head right now, I bet I'll be totally silver by the time I graduate.
  7. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey dachlewis! Try not to worry...the first class there are no clinicals just theory and lab. Hopefully everthing will work out for you!

    9fingers: I got an 85.3% on my TEAS exam. I would suggest reading back a couple of pages because more people posted their scores too. I asked the same question and it turns out you can request clinical times but you are not guaranteed them. You can also trade with people too.
  8. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey I almost forgot to ask! For the people going into cohort was the orientation? Like how long is it, what did they tell you, etc.? I also wanted to know if your cohort was a day or evening cohort. I know they switch back and forth every cohort. Thanks!
  9. by   emvill
    Reading through all these posts is great and exciting for a prospective NU applicant like me as it provides a lot of useful information about the program! Anyone applying to the LA campus for the ABSN program next Spring? I am pretty nervous about applying because of the selection process. It kinda sucks that I do have to take BioStats since my Elementary Stats does not count.

    Anyways, I pray that I get in and join the rest of you folks chiming in on here ! I am also looking into West Coast Univ but their tuition is putting a huge blow to my wallet !
  10. by   twilight_saturn
    Hi emvil! You are absolutely right! The first thing I did when I found this thread was read through it! It is very long but very worth it! I think everyone here is applying for the San Diego location...I hope you find someone that is applying to LA! Good luck!
  11. by   prettyinpink57
    Emvill, I would double check on the Statistics thing... In the nursing program Biomed stats is like the 3rd to last class (for my cohort at least) and since I have already taken Elementary Stats they told me I don't need to take it...
  12. by   emvill
    Yea I checked with my advisor at the LA campus and they said I needed to take it before I start the program. I guess they're no longer accepting Elem Stats. I am doing the ABSN route.
  13. by   hiphippo
    Has anyone taken the Teas test twice? If so, do they use the exact same test? Thnks!