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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   prettyinpink57
    Congrats honeybee! Just about a year and a half and hopefully I will be one too!
  2. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey prettyinpink! How are the classes so far? How about the clinicals? I am so anxious to get started!
  3. by   ALIinSD
    Hey there....I'm a newbie around here but have been going to National since March doing my nursing pre-recs. Only Micro to go and then I can apply! Yeah! Anyway, I'm planning on taking the ILR test to avoid from taking the class. I saw that one person here had taken it and was wondering if it was a hard test or if there was any study info available? I'm not even sure what type of info is on the test, just that I shouldn't waste the $$$ to take the class. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. by   nursingprereqs
    Hey there... I am planning to apply to national after I finish my pre-reqs... their classes are always full though so I am planning to take my three pre-reqs (micro, a/p) online... do you have any idea if they accept online pre-reqs? I was old to submit a form, but thought you may know. what is ils?
  5. by   ALIinSD
    Hey binavarg,
    ILR is one of the pre-recs that National requires other than the science ones in order for you to get into the nursing program. I think it is Internet Library Research (or something similar to that). If you have your bachelors degree already you don't have to take it, but if you don't have your bachelors you can either take the class or test out of it. I've heard it's a waste of time and money to take the class.
    As far as the science pre-recs, I have no idea if National would take the online ones. I know that Oklahoma University does, but couldn't tell you for sure about NU. You should either contact an adviser at NU or the nursing department itself. Sorry I couldn't help you on that one.

    Good luck w/ all of your pre-recs!
  6. by   twilight_saturn
    hi binavarg and Ali! Welcome!! I am the one who took the ILR credit by exam! It wasn't too difficult and I also did it because of the ridiculous amount for the class! I also received my results within 3 weeks when they told me it could take 4-8. The test was 5 hours long so bring plenty of water and snacks!! The test comprised of a 75 question multiple choice scantron, a power point presentation, and an online iLibrary quiz. My adviser was awesome enough to tell me that the iLibrary quiz is online on their website ( Just go under library and follow the links on the left side. Ask your adviser for the study guide. It is two pages long. The test itself isn't too hard...I found it to be very common knowledge about computers, researching and the use of search terms to narrow searches, quoting sources, etc. The hardest thing for me (or at least I thought) was the power point. Of course making it was easy but you are required to answer a prompt and follow what it wants in the presentation. Personally, mine was filled with a bunch of quotes...nothing really in my own words, but I of course quoted everything properly including sources. I got 100% on the iLibrary quiz because I took it many times before so I knew what the questions were, so that definitely helped!! Good luck on your test and remember it is a pass or fail. You will do fine!
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  7. by   h0n3ybee
    I believe that NU does not accept online micro and A/P classes since they require a a lab class. But things may have changed since I graduated. Contact your advisor or the nursing dept. before taking the class because it may not count.
  8. by   prettyinpink57
    Hey twilight saturn! We are in Med/Surg right now and just had our midterm today and i got a 90%!!! Woohoo! Some people are really struggling though. This class is NO JOKE. I spend about 8-12 hours of studying almost everyday and I don't even feel like that's enough! It's as if I need more hours in a day! I pretty much have no life between studying, class, clinicals, care maps, etc. Get ready for a ride but it'll all be worth it in the end! I keep telling myself that.... LOL! Hope you get into the program! (Which I'm sure you'll have no trouble doing, you sound like you'd do really well!)
  9. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey prettyinpink!! Thanks for the encouragement! I just scheduled myself to take the TEAS and essay on Sept. 12! Now I really got to get studying!! lol! Congrats on your test score!! That is awesome! I am taking a vacation right before so I can get that out of the way before I start!
  10. by   prettyinpink57
    That is a great idea! Are you applying for April 2010? (should be cohort 22?)
  11. by   twilight_saturn
    Yeah! I do hope that they push me up into the January cohort instead!! By the way, how do they choose the people to go into earlier cohorts? Now I know the cohort number too!! lol! I really hope I get in!! I never needed to take any prereqs over and my GPA is a 3.53. All I need to do is ace the TEAS and do well on the essay and I think I will have a chance! Although National sent an email out saying that less than 20% of applicants get in... To be honest that scared me quite a bit...
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  12. by   prettyinpink57
    You know what, don't worry about it. i think you have a GREAT chance! i think my gpa was a 3.49 with a 4.0 in the sciences/statistics and i got in! I remember what it was like checking the mail every single day obsessively, stalking the mailman and everything. Hahaha. Just stay positive and you will be fine! And as for moving up into an earlier cohort... I was not supposed to start till july 2009 but i just happened to get an email asking to move up to april 2009 so of course i took it... i think they just send the email to everyone and it's a first come first serve basis based on how many slots they have open
  13. by   twilight_saturn
    Wow thanks! Although the 3.53 is my prereq GPA :uhoh21: That would be great if it was first come first serve! I would really like to get into the January instead! I think I will be the same way! I get so anxious with these kinds of things! I was also able to schedule my TEAS and week later so now my date is the 18th! Yay more time to study!