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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   bananacinammon
    I haven't taken it yet... i have the McGraw one as my reviewer.. also, i'm currently taking lib. research class.. we'll be done in 2-3 weeks..

    best of luck!
  2. by   twilight_saturn
    Oh sorry banana! I got you and Murse confused! :selfbonk: Good luck on your ILR class! Which cohort are you looking into getting in?
  3. by   bananacinammon
    April cohort.. i missed the deadline last time because of that ILR class. haha..
  4. by   twilight_saturn
    Ugh...I know how you feel. I missed the January deadline because my last advisor never told me that I could take a credit by exam for ILR :angryfire but now I have an awesome advisor! Hopefully we will both get into the April cohort!! BTW, when did you start your ILR class?
  5. by   bananacinammon
    about 5 weeks ago... it's not bad.. i'm not even taking it seriously. And, i didn't even know about that credit by exam too. haha... wow.. the last time i met with my advisor was 4 months ago. and yeah, good luck to both of us!
  6. by   twilight_saturn
    I took the test...5 HOURS long....ugh! But, it wasn't that hard...just time consuming...hope I passed! Yeah...I ask my advisor questions ALL the time. Every time she comes back with an answer I shoot her another question lol! Good luck and keep posting!
  7. by   Cheshcat82
    Quote from twilight_saturn
    Thanks for the help Cheshcat!! My prerequisite GPA is much higher than I thought!! I just got the Kaplan book yesterday too. Looks very thorough, but better to be over-prepared than under!! What cohort did you say you got accepted into? January 2010?? I hope I can get pushed up into that one! :spin:
    You're welcome :wink2: It's kinda nice, huh? My GPA was a lot higher than I thought it was too! I applied for the January 2010 cohort, but when I got my acceptance e-mail, they offered me a spot in the October 2009 cohort. So I took it. I'm not sure if that was such a good idea, as it turns out. There's SO much stuff to get ready before then! Immunizations, insurance, background checks and CPR certifications...It's crazy, but exciting at the same time!
  8. by   twilight_saturn
    Oh wow!! How exciting! I am sure you will be prepared for October!! I hope I get pushed up too lol! What did you get on your TEAS exam if you don't mind me asking? I am so excited for you!!
  9. by   Murse520
    Anybody know where I can sign up for the Essay or who I would have to talk to about signing up?
  10. by   twilight_saturn
    My adviser said that after you apply to the Nursing Program they assign you a time and date to take both. Have you applied to the university itself yet?
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  11. by   Murse520
    I just sent them my transcripts 2 weeks ago. I do not believe I actually applied to the nursing program, but I have applied to national university itself, have taken the teas at a different school, and have attended a pre-nursing forum. Thanks a lot twilight I will make sure to contact my adviser about applying to the actual program so i can get my essay date set up. I have to make sure I get it done before the deadline!
  12. by   danni314
    hey guys!

    i started nursing school this april and it is so great i really enjoy this program, even though it is so quick! i just thought i would post on here and see if anyone from the july cohort or even this upcoming october cohort would be interested in buying books??? they ask you to buy the textbooks and study guides and honestly we just dont use them long enough to wear them out they look perfectly new! (i do not write in my books either) anyways...i am not planning on saving ALL of my textbooks, maybe just one or two so it anyone would be interested in buying them from me as you move along your cohort please feel free to contact me!

    thanks everyone, and good luck!

  13. by   twilight_saturn
    Hey Murse, no problem! :wink2: Just know that they only assign you a date and time after you apply to the program. You should definitely stick with your adviser! Mine is extremely helpful! I am assuming you are applying for the April 2010 cohort? I hope we both get in!! umpiron: