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Has anyone had any luck with applying at National University for their nursing program? I applied back in Oct 06 and have been waiting to hear from them. They are supposed to notify in 3 months. I... Read More

  1. by   OnMyWay2MSN
    Just a FYI...Im starting at USD MEPN in Aug and the director of the program said we should get an I-Touch...she made a good point, the I-Touch has no camera, any phone or PDA with a camera will not be allowed in the hospital. So that way you can access your e-books in our down time or if you have to look something up....the have different ones with larger memory, 32 GB is $400, thats the biggest

    Good luck with your classes!
  2. by   sooperdooper
    Quote from gnomik79
    sooperdooper, they told us at the orientation that they no longer provide those because too many students complain of its bad quality...
    I guess changes happen fast considering I started this past January (cohort 17). I sold mine for an ipod touch Since you dont get a PDA, do you not get nursing central now? Because that software is definitely worth it on any PDA. Did they lower the orientation fee to reflect no PDA/nursing software?
  3. by   sooperdooper
    Quote from gnomik79
    Hey guys... this may sound like a stupid question probably.... we don't need a student parking permit to park at RB campus, right?.... i'm assuming not, since they haven't mention it... am i wrong?

    Oh, Danielle, I hope your job is going well
    You dont need a permit at any NU campus.
  4. by   gnomik79
    PatMicNic, thanks for sharing... Hey, do you recommend getting the $400 one or can we get away with the basic one 8GB (i think it's like $249 or something)... I mean do you really need all that memory? Also, my Blackberry dsnt have a camera. Is that going to be allowed in the hospitals then?

    Sooperdooper, to answer your questions: we still get a nursing central, we just need to use our own platform for it. Also, our orientation fee was $1395. How much was yours?
  5. by   sooperdooper
    $1500 even... I sold my PDA for $255 tho ;p
  6. by   gnomik79
    Well, in that case... they didn't save us much.... cutting down the orientation fee only by $105!
  7. by   gnomik79
    Well... I did some research.... and it sounds like phones (with or without camera) may not be allowed in some clinical facilities. Since this would be problematic, I am thinking of investing in to the "ipod touch", just like you, Ashley. It appears that many nursing students prefer them to PDA's - not that it's surprising But I think maybe it's worth the money...
  8. by   prettyinpink57
    YAY! I am very excited to hear all this about the ipod touch...i guess it was a good idea! I'll be buying mine shortly!
  9. by   gnomik79
    Hey, which one are you thinking of getting? There's like 3 and range in price from $230 to $400... bigger memory comes at a higher price
  10. by   prettyinpink57
    i might get the 16GB because i have a lot of music and what not. but i don't know, 8GB would probably be enough...
  11. by   gnomik79
    I was thinking of getting the 16GB one too... not because i have a lot of music, but simply because i want to be able to use the memory in the future to download other helpful nursing software like epocarys, RNotes, etc... stuff that I read nursing students find extremely helpfull.... I just don't want to be limited by the 8GB storage....
  12. by   prettyinpink57
    yeah definitely! i've been looking around and 8GB goes for 229.99 and 16GB is 299.99. i think the extra money for double the space is worth it!
  13. by   nursingprereqs
    Hello, these threads are really informative! I have some questions for anyone willing to take the time to answer. I am planning on applying to NU's nursing program accelerating BSN (already have a bachelor's degree). I need to take micro human anatomy and phys pre-reqs. So here are my q's:

    1. Anyone take these pre-reqs at NU? I've tried to take them at community college to save money, but most of these classes have other pre-reqs I have to satisfy before I take the ones I need and they are always full anyways? Anyone else have that problem? Is there a way to beat the system here?

    2. are the pre-req classes offerred every month?

    3. Are we able to apply to the nursing program before we are done with the pre-reqs?

    4. How often do they accept people into the nursing program?

    5. what is the new revised schedule that I hear people talking about on this post? Somethign regarding the pre-reqs.

    Thanks so much!!!!!