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Hi everyone! My name is Alissa and I applied to National University's generic entry BSN program in San Diego (for cohort 33). I just completed the proctored essay and the TEAS test today and now the... Read More

  1. by   acunha
    I haven't heard anything. But I honestly think we will find out beginning of November just judging from what other people have said on other threads. I also emailed last week just to check how many applicants there are and when we will find out if we got in or not but I haven't gotten a response yet.
  2. by   CaptCrzy
    Hey everyone,
    I assume that we all got the email on Oct 30th, saying that it would be a few days until we would be notified weather or not we got in. I called and was told we would know by Saturday. Saturday has come and gone; now it's Monday! I am starting to get quite irritated. I feel like my entire life is on hold. Does anyone have any information?
  3. by   SammiN
    My application status still says submitted for the LVN 5 cohort. Does anyone have something different?
  4. by   PaulinaR
    My application still says submitted. I assumed when she said in the e-mail "several days" that we wouldn't know until the end of this week at least. There is a lot of work to be done on their part I understand, but I think we all are in the same boat as we're waiting for our fates to be decided...It's very nerve-racking!
  5. by   SammiN
    My cohort didn't get any email keeping us updated. Someone on our forum said she received an acceptance email, but she's the only one
  6. by   SammiN
    The LVN-BSN cohort applicants just got an email updating us on our status. She said our cycle and the Generic entry BSN cohort are both being processed and are in the final stages. She said the results should be out by the end of next week.
  7. by   CaptCrzy
    The end of NEXT week???!!!! What the heck!! My application also still says submitted. If they don't have the results to us by Thursday I am going to email and call again. She told me they were supposed to be ready on Saturday.
  8. by   PaulinaR
    It's crazy how long we have all been waiting. I just hope this is all over soon. I've been on pins and needles for weeks now!
  9. by   nissy_nc
    well it finally changed from submitted to final anxious
  10. by   CaptCrzy
    Mine says "final review" too!!!!
  11. by   PaulinaR
    Ok final review for me too! The countdown begins...
  12. by   cappuccinespresso
    Hi, guys! I just got an acceptance e-mail from NU! Did anyone else get an e-mail?
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  13. by   ksantos92
    Nope, no email yet and mine still says final review anyone else get an email?