Maric & Community college RN? Need more info!

  1. Hello. Its my first time posting something on here. I need advice. I want to be a nurse, I am 26. I have two young kids and want to take the route that will get me working sooner. Can someone please tell me what it takes to become an RN at maric college and/ or community college. I have done some reseach on my own, I really want to hear others nurses/students experience. I care only to get my ASN, do not wish to continue on to my BSN. i have course such as soc. psyc. english 115. thats it.
    1. Is the waitlist at community college really like? has anyone gone through the waiting and survived
    2. Community college -what is the RN program like? How long is it? How many classes are you taking in one semester? ( for Southwestern or Grossmont)
    3.Is there a waitlist for maric college, if not what are the requirements to get accepted into maric RN. ( i want details and step by steps and things they dont tell you)
    4.Is it worth going to Maric for your LVN then doing the step up program again at maric or community college t work and slowly become an RN.. has this worked for you?

    Your input will be greatly appreciated!!
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  3. by   puresass
    the waitlist at grossmont is two to three years (i've been waiting for 1.5 years, they aren't kidding around when they tell you how long the list is) & you have to have all of your pre-reqs (micro & A&P 1 & 2) done before you can get on the wait list.

    the problem with that is that the pre-req classes are so impacted that there will be 60 people signed up for the class, 60 on the waiting list to get into the class & then even more crashers... so it can take years to even get INTO the pre-req classes. the only way i got in quickly is that i have 90+ units from a previous BA.

    as for southwestern, i don't know how long their waiting list is but apparently you have to be a CNA to apply? i could be wrong about that though.

    CC programs are all two years long, four semesters.

    i don't know much about maric other than that it is EXPENSIVE. but it might be worth it to get your LVN through them (if they offer that?) & then bridge to RN later because the LVN-RN program isn't AS impacted as the straight to RN program.

    good luck & let us know what you decide!
  4. by   Ra1983

    Well I went to Maric for Medical Assisting and also tried to go for RN,but didnt pass the test. Its not that its hard, I just happened to be really sick the day I took it.(Previous Medical experience is required for the RN program @ Maric) Thats why I took Medical Assisting. You could take the other route and go for LVN if thats in your plans, but it will be very expensive @Maric. Anyways of course they have to accept you first. They do that by testing you for your Reading, Grammer and Math. You have to score atleast 50 and up on each part, but the score you are aiming for is 185 I believe, but if you score 175, you can go for your LVN. They give you 3 chances to pass, otherwise they make you wait a whole year.You also have to write a 400 word essay about your best and worst learning experience. But they have to really like your essay as well. There program is very expensive. When I went for a quote in 2005, it was
    45k. I dont know what it is now. Also, they really dont like to take credits you already have from other colleges even though they say they do. Maybe they would take 1 or maybe 2. But you would have a better chance if you didnt!

    As far as the waiting list at Grossmont, they told me was 1 1/2 to 2 yrs. You have to have your pre req's first before getting on it though. I dont know about Southwestern, but at City, its also 2yrs. Thats where I am at. I didn't have no problems getting into my classes i am taking now and I was a crasher!!!(Anatomy and Chemistry)and I just registered for Microbiology and Physiology for Spring! No problems there either. So I hope I can get into the waiting list by fall. In the meantime, I'll take other major courses that I still need. So the pre req's are Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology to get into the waiting list at Grossmont, and City you need Chemistry100 to take Microbiology.
    Wish you the best on your decision, just letting you know what I know!=)
    Good Luck!
  5. by   sdmommie
    I had difficulty in enrolling in A & P. The counselor at Miramar told me that since I have a B.A., I was the last group to get an enrollment date. I've been waiting over a year now to re-take Micro due to recency requirements at City and Palomar. For now I'm on the Grossmont waiting list. There are other places where you could get in quicker, but it would require a move. For example, I hear that Glendale CC uses a lottery for 25% of their spots.
  6. by   Bonny619
    I would rather wait on a wait list than pay what Maric would cost.

    pure, I don't know anyone who has been on the wait list longer than 2 years.
  7. by   smilealot
    I am currently in the ASN program at Maric they do require medical experience so I suggest doing a CNA or EMT (Miramar) program they are both around three months and give you medical experience. It is true that Maric is expensive but after being on waiting list for two semesters to get my pre reqs done it is nice to not worry about getting in to classes or an RN program. Another reason I went to Maric is because I really enjoy the teachers and staff they are friendly and very organized. You deffinatly get your monies worth.