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I was wondering which school most of you went to, how much it cost as a whole, and if it matters if your college is accredited...and by who? I'm looking into Stanbridge college in Irvine but... Read More

  1. by   wavecrestann
    Quote from serrdon
    I am looking at Stanbridge as well. I would like to hear more information about it tho. I'm going down on Friday to talk to them. Does anyone know anything about the school- good or bad?
    I just met with someone at Stanbridge... what is your take on that school? did you join? did you look at others?
  2. by   GOODMED
    Quote from manvivi
    I saw your post, you said Citrus college choose 45 people out of 120 to get in the LVN program.
    what percentage i have to have in "Introduction of occupution health" course? overall 90% or above?
    We find Citrus to be really bad quality of teaching, no standards, 1-2 instructors are rude/bias, plus other problems with a few faculty. Do yourself a favor and check other colleges like MT SAC, Whittier etc..Good luck
  3. by   bwweg442

    It's been almost two years since your post said that you were starting at Stanbridge. I too am looking at LVN programs and Stanbridge is one that I am weighing on heavily. Can you give me some feedback on your experience now that you have graduated? How did you do on your NCLEX and are you currently working as an LVN?