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  1. Hi, I'm new here but have been giving serious thought for a while now to pursuing a nursing career. I have an undergraduate BA degree in an unrelated field, but have been looking into either an LVN or ASN program to at least get me started. I've been trying to read up on everything the state of CA accepts and doesn't accept, but I did have one question that hopefully someone can shed some light on. Is it true that in CA, you cannot sit for the certification exams if you've completed an LVN or ASN program online? I've heard of several LVN programs that do the lecture work online, and then allow you to do clinicals at a hospital in your own area so long as there's one willing to take you in. Can someone please help?? I'm not sure if I can get started in this field if I can't complete at least an LVN program online. I have hopes to pursue more education in the future, but wanted to at least get in the field and start working. Any info would be much appreciated!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    There are no LVN programs that are totally online. Any program that you are considering can be checked out with the Board, either LVN or RN. Each maintain a link on their website that lists approved programs. Currently, the most popular distance program for RN, Excelsior College, is not accepted by CA. There are three distance programs that CA accepts for RN. They are the ISU LVN to BSN program, the accelerated OU BSN program, and the WGU program. It is best to seek out an LVN program at a nearby community college. The cost will be manageable and most of the credits should transfer to four year schools. Since you have a degree already you should look into accelerated BSN programs.
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    thanks! i've been trying to find some of the accepted distance programs on the ca board websites, but haven't had any luck. do you know with the distance programs that are acceptable, are you able to do clinicals in your own town? or do the programs require travel to the school's city in order to complete clinicals? thanks!
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    Actually, there is an LVN program that is totally online, but it is based out of a Texas community college in a rural county. Since you're in California, I'd doubt you'd be interested in the online LVN program at North Central Texas College.
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    You need to check with the program that you are interested in. WGU now has clinical sites set up with five southern CA hospitals, including Cedars-Sinai. Their first group starts clinical training in July. The second group will start in Jan. Their website is This program is new but it is accepted by the state and is acccredited with CCNE. The ISU LVN to BSN program has clinical sites in the Sacramento area. If you live somewhere else in CA and want to do clinicals in your city, you will need to get the ball rolling yourself. The process for obtaining your own preceptor and clinical site is on their website. The OU accelerated BSN program has a clinical site at Glendale Adventist Hospital. You can find threads about each of these programs in the distance learning forum. The last time I checked the online programs in TX, they required clinical attendance where the school is. You would need to check with the CA BVNPT to see if they would accept any of these programs.