LVN-BSN National University January 2013 cohort - page 24

Hello! I've applied to the LVN to BSN cohort at National University in SD that begins in January 2013. Anyone else there apply, too? I'm currently waiting for an email so I can take the TEAS.... Read More

  1. by   SDgirl2013
    Interesting ok my email address is

    I appreciate anything you throw my way! Thanks so much!!
  2. by   SammiN
    I emailed you. Let me know if you got it. I hope it helps
  3. by   jfay011
    Has anyone received any information in regards to scheduling? I'm looking for days of the week and times for our first few classes.
  4. by   MichelleSimpson
    Hey this is Michelle From class, has anyone set up a facebook page? I was looking for it today while i had a little bit of time, but nothing.
  5. by   jfay011
    Hi Michelle. I haven't done it yet but I will by this evening so check back later on. Is your email address on the list?
  6. by   MichelleSimpson
    sorry i set one up bc i didn't see one! on what list? I wasn't sure how to let everyone know about it
  7. by   jfay011 is the group link. I sent a friend request to the email addresses on the list that I could read. If you didn't receive a request, request to join the group.
  8. by   Summer2013
    When is the next application period for LVN to BSN for this 2013 year?
  9. by   SDgirl2013
    Quote from Summer2013
    When is the next application period for LVN to BSN for this 2013 year?
    They begin taking applications in August for the February 2014 start date.
  10. by   Khristine619
    Hi Sammie, I saw your post and I am interested in the lvn to BSN 2014 cohort. I was also in the military and have taken most of my pre-requisite. Could u please time me some insight. Thank you
  11. by   jfay011
    Hi! I am in the LVN to BSN step-up now. I can answer some questions if you still have any.