Los Angeles Harbor College Fall 2012

  1. Hi everyone! I've sent in my application for Fall 2012 at LAHC, and already took my Teas 5 for another school but I haven't heard anything yet if I've cleared the first lottery. Two of my friends are in their first semester at LAHC and both said it took a long time to hear back regarding admission.
    Anyone hear anything yet?
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  3. by   willowita
    I was just wondering the same thing! The deadline was over a month ago and I haven't even heard a hello or that they got my application. I was starting to think I just didn't get in. But if they take a long time to get back to people, then there's still hope!
  4. by   LovetheER
    Yes, definitely. Last year the application was due in March and nobody got invites to take the Teas until May, so I figure if ours were due in February then maybe we'll hear something by April? Probably end of April? Have you taken your Teas yet Willowita? Where else are you applying?
  5. by   willowita
    Yes, I took the TEAS at the end of February and I passed! I also applied to LA County, PCC, GCC, Cerritos, LACC, and Rio Hondo (which I heard back from and didn't get into). So I still have 6 schools to hear back from.

    How about you? TEAS? Other schools?
  6. by   willowita
    LovetheER, I just got an email today from LA Harbor inviting me to take the TEAS. Did you get anything yet?
  7. by   justinpark09
    I passed it too. I took at Glendale College. do you know how many spots are there for Fall 2012?
  8. by   willowita
    I have no idea. Maybe 40-50 spots? That seems to be the space at most schools.

    When did Glendale have their TEAS examination?
  9. by   LovetheER
    Hey WilloWita, yes I received that e-mail yesterday. I'm going to have ATI send my scores over ASAP! What about you...is Harbor your #1 choice or are you waiting to hear back from other schools in hopes of getting into a different one? I took my Teas V for Allied and they declined me. I'm not trying again for them as it's too far from my home. I'm so excited - I've heard from a friend in the program that Harbor sends out about 100 invites, then 25% don't pass the Teas. And then some decline their seat, so perhaps there's hope!
  10. by   willowita
    My first choice is any school that'll take me! Though I'm leaning towards LA County but really, anything is fine. There's tough competition at every school and sometimes you just get lucky if they pick your number.

    I've only been to LA Harbor to meet with the counselor and drop off my application but it seemed like a great campus. It's not too far for me and their parking didn't seem crazy, unlike other schools.

    Good luck to you!
  11. by   LovetheER
    Yeah Harbor's a great campus. I've been doing my pre-req's there for two years. I like that it's small, unlike where I finished my B.A. - a little too big for me. Keep me posted on what comes through, I'm rooting for you!
  12. by   justinpark09
    I just sent ---- my teas Score, which is not too good, 72. Last time, I spoke with Ms. Toni. She said they picked 90-110 for TEAS V. I've been in many campus for nursing application: LAHC, GOLDENWEST, CERRITOS, LA TRADE-TECH, GLENDALE, SANTA MONICA, ELAC, LACC, LA SOUTHWEST. My fav. campus is SANTA MONICA college. Very nice Campus.

    Just like willwota, my first choice is any school that'll take me. HOPE, everyone has luck for the next round. . One more thing, Glendale hasn't sent any invites for TEAS yet. I took it last semester there. Glendale parkin lot is Crazy. )
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  13. by   willowita
    Thanks for the info hnguyen509. I wasn't sure if Glendale had invited people to take the TEAS yet. And yes, their parking is crazy and expensive! I went there a few years back when I lived in the area.
  14. by   LovetheER
    hnguyen509, i was worried about my teas v scores too, but ------ told me that even 69% is a good score since so many people fail the teas. don't sweat it! 72% is ten points above their minimum passing score.
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