LATTC Spring 2013

  1. anybody in? do you have all your requirements finished? any worries or thoughts about the program?
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    Moved to California State Nursing Programs for more response.
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    Hi there, I know this is VERY late but I just joined the site and saw your post today. I actually turned in my prerequisite verification form yesterday at the LATTC nursing office so all my prerequisites are done after many years of trying to finally get that step out of the way! (yay!!) While I was on campus I looked around a bit and I noticed that they have a very nice nursing building now and everything seems new. They seem to also have great student support in terms of counselors and administrative staff which is important to me. I have also applied at the LA County program and I will be taking the TEAS in a few weeks. I hope to get in somewhere for Fall 2013 and also am interested in anyone's experiences at LATTC as I know they seem to have improved over the last couple of years in comparison to years prior.
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    Hi I just saw this post too! Unfortunately, I didn't apply in time for this spring, but I applied for 2013 and they pretty much said I'm in! How do you like the program so far?
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    What are the Math and Chem requirements? Do you need them to apply or just before graduation?
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    Anyone know the process of turning things in and meeting with admissions?

    I am interested but dont know where to start