Lattc rn spring 2018 acceptance

  1. Has anyone been accepted to lattc' s spring 2018 RN program?
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  3. by   jessiehbrown
    Hi chargenurse82!

    I have been on waiting list since August 2016, and I receive nothing yet. So happy to see this thread^.^!
    Thank you.
  4. by   chargenurse82
    I applied in October of 2016. I called and was told my start date would be spring 2018.
  5. by   mimili20
    I applied in november and they said that I was number 82 on the waiting list and that they only get 50 people in spring 2018. Supposedly I'm starting in spring 2018 but it depends on how many students reject their acceptances.
  6. by   chargenurse82
    I was never given a number. They only asked for my info and then told me my start date. I hope it's correct. I do not want to enter in the fall.
  7. by   mimili20
    yeah, they don't give a number, i asked them. they told me one to two semesters wait when i applied in november so that was fall 2017 or spring 2018 and now they telling me that I should be in for spring 2018 if a certain numbers of people reject their acceptance if not i'm starting in fall 2018 so that is 3 semesters wait. so i'm not sure about their first come first serve, i feel like they keep on adding people before us!
  8. by   mimili20
    @chargenurse82 were you at the september workshop?
  9. by   WestKyKing
    That all sounds nerve wrecking, I hope y'all get in
  10. by   chargenurse82
    yes, I was.
  11. by   jessiehbrown
    Hi everyone!

    I completed in August 2016 and went to the office last March to check the status. They did not give the number but I was told that I will get the letter in August. I check my mail box everyday... nothing comes yet. I will let you all know if I get the letter.
  12. by   chargenurse82
    Just left lattc. I went to check my status. I enter spring 2018. Letters will be coming soon.
  13. by   jessiehbrown
    Yahoooo..... so happy for you ^.^!
  14. by   chargenurse82
    I asked. if it was definite or if it depended on if someone rejected their acceptance. They stated no, I am definitely in.