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  1. by   mimili20
    Also how many people dropped the program during the first semester? Heard the first semester is the worst and a lot of people dropped.
  2. by   mimili20
    Wow you lucky only 1 semester wait. My wait is 3 semesters without counting the one when I applied so pretty much 2 years from when I applied to when I start ((
  3. by   jessiehbrown
    Hello everyone!
    So happy to hear from more students who are waiting for the acceptance letters.
    You never believe this letter causes too much problems in my life :-(. There is a story behind the curtain that we do not see it. Anyhow, we have no power to change it so we just keep praying.
  4. by   tthaker
    I am graduating from the ADN program at LATTC this December. The 1st semester is only difficult because it's a total culture shock for some. We had about 5 students out of 42 drop out the first semester. A couple failed and the others decided nursing just wasn't for them. I would say third semester is the most difficult. We lost about 25 students in third.
  5. by   sunflower18
    Has anyone gotten their acceptance letter in the mail yet? August is approaching its end...
  6. by   chargenurse82
    not yet. smh
  7. by   jessiehbrown
    Nothing come yet! I went to the office on August 14 and they told me that the letters will be mailed out in 2 weeks. Do not know when it comes.
  8. by   jessiehbrown
    This is a post by gpanama97 (LATTC 2017)

    Wow I am so happy for you! I am Spring 2017 cohort! And Likewise we started with pharmacology in Winter of 2017
    I would recommend you to BUY the med surg, fundamentals, and drug guide books. All of the others you can rent (also dont purchase the dictionaries or the study guide I did and never used them) i tell you to buy those book because you will also use them for 2 nd semester as well..
    Good luck guys or as ----------------- would say
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  9. by   NurseAngel80
    Yes I just got my letter!! I'm so excited to begin spring 2018
  10. by   chargenurse82
  11. by   chargenurse82
    I just received my ACCEPTANCE LETTER! THANK GOD!
  12. by   jessiehbrown
    God hears our prayers! I got mine too happy. I will see you on orientation day ^.^.
  13. by   mimili20
    Congrats! When is orientation? And when is the dealine to accept the spot?