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i recently got accepted to both los angeles city college AND los angeles valley college & upon googling the crap out of both schools to see which one was better i've come up with... LAVC being... Read More

  1. by   rita1988
    omg i jusr read your comments and i am fricking out... i just got a letter saying d same thing that i am an alternate number 60 aand that i am officially accepted into the nursing program and it says when the orientation is i was also accepted to mount st marys college but i rejected because i choose lacc n now u are saying that i am not innnn....whts going on im gonna cryyyyy
  2. by   tongie28
    Lets just ask them on Monday to be more clear about this matters. Let me know.
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  3. by   rita1988
    I don't understand these people at lacc . i am definitely going to complain and and see the presidentt of the school for this matter. I was just told that i am just an alternate and that i am number 60 which is very far which means i basically dont even have a shot at being accepted.
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  4. by   tothepointeLVN
    Why did you reject your offer from MSMC without confirming your admittance to LACC? I should add I am really sorry you got burnt by the misunderstanding
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  5. by   rita1988
    actually i just got accepted to another university but it is not fair what they put the students through so i am definitely not burnt.... they said you one out of the 30 alternate students who were accepted and are officially accepted into our nursing program.... I am lucky that I have another school to go but many others don't which is not fair to give hope 2 someone and take it all away... it also doesnt make sense that they said one out of 30 alternates because 30 students got accepted and there were 77 alternates they could have said you are 1 out of the 77 alternates not 1 out of 30...the people working there didn't even no what excuse to give for their mistake and said that they got many complains today....anyways good luck to everyone hope you guys get accepted somewhere else as well or maybe even LACC hehe
  6. by   tongie28
    (rita) I'm happy that you are accepted to another school. Actually, I wanted to reply to your message ysterday but I don't have any good things to say (about the school).I have a lot of friends who were at the program and were just accepted to start this spring. So, I've heard news and most of them were not good. I'm all set for spring and I'm happy that you are as well. Lets just hope that the system will change so it won't cause any troubles to a lot of people and if the cut score is 80%, it should be 80% to be fair. Happy New Year and good luck to your studies!
  7. by   rita1988
    Thank you very much tongie28 I wish you good luck as well...I just feel like it wasn't fair what they put the students through and they need to understand that its students future that they are messing with. Happy New Years 2 you too
  8. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) I just got called this afternoon and I am officially accepted in LACC nursing prgram. I know its a late notice. I'm only an alternate. So, I'll be on the orientation on tuesday.
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  9. by   rita1988
    hello tongie 28 if you dont mind can i know what alternate number you were and also congradulations
  10. by   mamomi
    (tongie) Hi!! I just saw your posting CONGRATS!! yeay!! .....did you buy your books already?
  11. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) thanks! i dnt hav books yet, I dnt hav money...what about you? the fireclass was fun but the rain was pourin so badly during our orientation.Are you the iomi? Because I thought I heard the professor called your name.
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  12. by   mamomi
    (tongie) Please contact me, thanks!!
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  13. by   mimicat3872
    Hey there JMESR: Congrats on your admission to both schools! I did a little research for you and found out that for both years, LACC has higher NCLEX passing rate than LAVC. Especially for year 2010-2011, LACC is 95.45%, and LAVC is 91.86%. To me, that is a big difference. I have been to both places before, I have attended many classes at LACC and the staffs are all very nice and superb. I have been to both Nursing departments many times as well and I feel that LACC has very nice counselor and other staffs. LAVC however, has one rude Nursing staff (don't know her name). When I called and told her my name, she said I can't pick the name I want and I need to use my real name? I did use my REAL name! Oh god. She then told me that I should not put the name I used before (I changed my name at the beginning of this year) under "name used:xxx", but rather "aka:xxx" (but I am not this name anymore!), because "name used" does not mean anything to her. Anyways, I got tired of the conversation even though I wrote that under the guidance of the front desk staff at LAVC when filled out my application. It gives me a feeling and make me worried about the quality of the overall LAVC staff. I personally liked the campus of LAVC better than LACC mainly due to the location. Otherwise, the NCLEX really is what you are going for and I would not risk myself for a bad traffic everyday during the intensive nursing program. Hope it helps!