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i recently got accepted to both los angeles city college AND los angeles valley college & upon googling the crap out of both schools to see which one was better i've come up with... LAVC being... Read More

  1. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) how are u doing? after thanksgiving, its december already and the results are coming in the mail, huh! I'm nervous. I don't know what to expect. Advance thanksgiving to u and ur me posted.
  2. by   mamomi
    Hi tongie, doing fine thanks.. and nervous too!! just waiting.. probably by the first week of december we will find out!!. thanks for checking on me.. and please keep me posted too..=)
  3. by   mamomi
    Hi Tongie.. I have good news! got accepted in LAVC.
  4. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) wow! congrats!!! im happy for u..i havent receive any letter from lavc or lacc yet( i juz checked my mail). when did u receive the letter? what does it say? is it invitation for the teas test? tell me about so happy for u and excited least u dnt have to worry about it..tell me the content of the letter..btw, have u taken the teas? what's ur score? do u hav a high gpa? i juz want to know my chances..omg! mamomi, ur so lucky....
  5. by   mamomi
    (tongie) Hi, sorry I just saw ur reply =(.... I dnt receive a letter they called me on my cellphone, and then I went ot pick up my application. Yes I took the TEAS my score was not high at all 72. gpa is good ( I got all A"s except a B in anatomy).. have u heard anything?
  6. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) merry xmas to u and ur family..i didnt get picked in the lottery in lavc. I am one of the alternates in lacc. the funny thing was, my fren who didnt met the cut score in valley 80%, got accepted at lacc, sigh..i guess its not my time. Anyways, gudluck! kip me posted okies?
  7. by   mamomi
    (tongie) It's funny coz I got accepted in LACC too.. I picked LACC... let me know as soon as you find out, good luck!!
  8. by   tongie28
    (mamomi) ok I'll keep u posted but I'm not really hoping that I will get's only an alternate.I'll let u knw then..I'll call Silvy on Jan.4!
  9. by   molly198722
    hi tongie28... can you please let me know what the alternate letter looks like for LACC. I got a letter saying congratulations and that i'm one of the 30 alternate students who have been officially accepted into the program. it also has an orientation date and a schedule.

    i'm not sure if i'm in or i'm just an alternate? please help! thank you!!!!!
  10. by   tongie28
    (molly 198722) I got the same letter content from LACC which really confuses me. I dont know if we are accepted or not, but it does'nt make sense "congratulating and welcoming" us to their program. What alternate # are you? Btw, Happy New Year.
  11. by   molly198722
    oh no... i thought i was in when i read it and then my friend got the same letter and she said we're just alternates. i'm # 77 which also doesnt make sense because it says i'm one of the 30 alternates. so there should only be 30. but then i remember during the info session they said that each qualified student gets a number from the beginning and that will be like their id # when they go into the lottery. so, im not sure if that number even has a bearing on which alternate goes in first.

    i wish they were more clear and they should have at least made a different letter for alternates... and not congratulate us and tell us we're officially accepted. i can't wait til monday! i feel like going there and talking to them in person... maybe the phones will be so jammed for all the people calling in...

    happy new year and good luck!!!
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  12. by   tongie28
    (molly) don't worry your questions will be answered on Jan 4th. They were not really clear about everything. First, they said that the cut score was 80%, it was'nt. I have a friend whose gpa sucks (she didn't met the cut score- hers was 78%)! lol. yeah, its really true and she got accepted. Whatever happens, don't lose hope okies. That's life.
  13. by   molly198722
    you're right. it will all work out thanks a bunch!!