LA County Nursing Applicants for Spring 2017-Generic Option

  1. Hello. Well I see that no one has posted anything for Spring 2017 applicants and I know that I'm feeling a little nervous here so I'd like to know if there's anyone out there on the same boat that I am.
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  3. by   bg04
    I feel you! I also applied to county. I sent in my application two days ago >.<
  4. by   motacindy
    I haven't sent it yet , I'm waiting to mail it in with my volunteer hours in it, but yeah I already see that we're almost in August so the deadline feels so close but yet far lol
    Are you applying to any other school besides county? I'm so nervous about getting in that I keep recounting my points and everything lol
  5. by   bg04
    How many points do you have if you don't mind me asking?
    Yes, I'm applying to all my local community college programs like glendale, mt sac, citrus and you?
  6. by   motacindy
    I should have 89 points. What about you?
    Well I applied to Elac and County, but Even if I got into Elac I don't think I would be wanting to go there anymore lol so I guess County will
    be my only option.
  7. by   bg04
    wow thats really good!I have 82 points. I was going to apply to elac, but i heard its closing
  8. by   motacindy
    Well I'm hoping it's enough to get me into the program because like I said its my only option lol and yes the program is on the warning list and it doesn't really have that good passing rates on the exam.
  9. by   bg04
    Why is it your only option? have you attended an information meeting for la county?
  10. by   motacindy
    Well because the other schools I've looked into either only accept students once a year or their point system wouldn't really work in my favor. So yeah I'm hoping that wig the points I have I get into County. And yes I attended a meeting the 15th of July and they basically just talked about everything that's online, and they answered specific questions that people had.
  11. by   bg04
    Hello do you know when we will be hearing from county? No one else has applied ?
  12. by   motacindy
    Well I looked around in other posts and last Spring students were notified in the middle to late September about taking the Teas exam, if they hadn't taken it. And by the end of October/ beginning of November they were already notified about their acceptance.
  13. by   ttapp745

    I received a questionnaire in the mail about 1.5 weeks ago and I mailed everything back already. I already took my TEAS too, so I am not just waiting for the final decision.

    Did anyone else receive anything?
  14. by   motacindy
    No I haven't received anything lol