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  1. Hi eveyone. I just got a offer from kindred hospital in south CA. I have been working in a SNF for two years as a RN. I am supposed to start the hospital orientation on July 9th, but HR called me two days ago and said I was the only new employees(totally five) whose background check was clear, and they could not only gave me the orientation, so I have to wait for others to be cleared and HR did not know what time the orientation would start. I alreay changed to part time for my current job, and I am a little worried if they will still hire me. Who has this expirence before, please help me out. Thank you a lot.
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  3. by   sidroc
    That sounds like standard Kindred procedure. They ended up giving me two start dates for orientation because they where not sure when my background process would finish.
  4. by   lucy99
    Thank you. I guess I have to wait. Once they give me the offer, they would not let me down, would they? I do not like to wait at home.
  5. by   sbostonRN
    I think you will be fine. Maybe the others who don't have clear backgrounds have something to worry about but it sounds like you've passed everything and are just waiting for the rest to catch up.

    Good luck and I hope you like the new job! I just moved from a SNF to a LTAC hospital too
  6. by   lucy99
    Thank you! Do you work for Kindred hospital too?
  7. by   sbostonRN
    No, I work for a locally owned LTAC hospital but from what I've read about Kindred, it's similar in the type of patients.
  8. by   RyanSquire
    Thanks for your post Lucy99, we looked into your concern and learned that that you will be able to start before orientation starts in two weeks. *------- should be giving you a call to work out the details. *Thanks again!------------Director Kindred Healthcare
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  9. by   lucy99
    Thank you so much for this opportunity. I am so eager to begin employment for this hospital!
  10. by   Nurse9481
    I work at a Kindred in orange county. When i first got hired, the HR dept were very surprised my background investigation came back so fast. I think its "normal" for them to not receive them all in a timely manner (so it seems).

    Good luck. I would email the HR lady back to check in and ask if there is any progress on it.
  11. by   didi768
    Thinking that in this day/age background checks don't always come up smelling like roses ha!
  12. by   Nurseforlife4
    Does anyone know what test kindred hospital give for rn icu after orientation?