Keck Hospital of USC RN Versant Program April 2018 - page 5

Hey! I just want to make sure I'm reading the requirements correctly. In order to apply, you'll need these documents: 1. Resume 2. Cover Letter 3. Personal Statement 4. Unofficial... Read More

  1. by   ignisviridae
    Has anyone heard anything? For some reason I can no longer see my application online
  2. by   Abedross2
    I got an interview tomorrow for 5 North
  3. by   LA_Student
    congrats on the interview! did they say when candidates would be hearing back?
  4. by   Abedross2
    Honestly, I completely forgot to ask them about that, wish I had asked -.-
  5. by   otay5
    I interviewed for an ICU position last week, and I haven't heard back yet. I also didn't ask when we would be hearing back, but I hope it's soon. I've been waiting a week!
  6. by   otay5
    I heard back today that I was offered the position! I think calls are going out today and next week.
  7. by   NewGradRN67
    Congrats! What ICU?
  8. by   NewGradRN67
    Any word anybody?
  9. by   GillyTheNurse
    Hi everyone! I interviewed early January and got an offer this week for a position in the ICU.
  10. by   LA_Student
    Congratulations @GillyTheNurse! How exciting!
  11. by   YomiAmour
    Hello everyone, congratulations to those of you who applied and received the job offer! I also applied back in October while I was still in school and graduated in December. I take the Nclex Feb 15. (No pressure lol) I just received a call today for a interview in the ICU, not sure which one but she did say it was the last day for interviews. For those of you who went through the interview how was it? What types of questions did they ask, could you give me any tips? This is my first ever RN interview and I can't believe it's with USC I'm still trying to wrap my head around it lol Thanks guys!
  12. by   mommaseal
    Hi Yomi, congrats!!! when you applied did you apply for the for the residency program or for a nursing position that isn't part of the residency program. I spoke to a recruiter last week and she said they had a ton of applications and it would be a couple weeks still before they contact people still for the residency program.
  13. by   YomiAmour
    @Mommaseal Hello! Thank you! It was definitely for the new grad program. It was such a long shot and my spouse was the one who keep pushing me to apply. I actually thought I wasn't going to here back from them since I applied before the deadline in November. When the recruiter called she had said there was good news and bad news. The good news was that a position had opened up but the bad news is that the last day for a interview is this Friday. Did you also apply?