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hey i just moved to california from connecticut. i met with kaplan college about their lvn program and i just ned some feedback about your experience as a student or grad. i really need this help... Read More

  1. by   JuniorsMommyLPN

    I know what you mean about the community college route... I currenly attend Miracosta College here in Oceanside and I am enrolled in Anatomy. I still have to do Physio and Micro B. before I can apply and compete in the points pool. I probably will be long gone to another military base before we even get to that point and the LVN wait list is approx. 6 years I def. won't be around for that to be happening. That is why I am doing the Kaplan LVN program.

    My son goes to a daycare center off the base in Oceanside. It is about 5 miles or so from Kaplan. I am planning on keeping him there.

    I had to pay $95 for registration and enrollment fee and I got a disk drive with the school catalog. It has in it a list of all the books we will receive for LVN program.

    I paid nothing for any testing. We will have to pay for the backround check, which I beleive was $35. plus an addtional fee for any additional counties you lived in for the past 3 years. This price included a drug screening as well. I applied for financial aid for the tuition through federal loans. If you are a military dependent you get 10% off the 32K tuition. If your husband is E1-E5, WO1-2 or O1-2, you may qualify for MyCAA which is about a 4k grant.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any info or anything when coming to Pendleton! We've been here for a year and love it! See you on facebook!

  2. by   tawnyalee
    Hey guys!
    I first completed the prereqs for Miracostas LVn program back in 08.. once I found out they were adding a straight RN program I liked that route better So I took anatomy physiology and micro... I didnt even apply for the LVN program because the wait list is 3 years.. Finally finished all the RN prereqs (including all the general classes to have the associated in science and Nursing) and I applied for the program.. Didnt get in... and I was advised to take another year to year and half of classes to have a competitive application.. So being a new Mom my husband and I dont want to wait so thats why I am taking the Kaplan route. My intentions are to do the step up program through MCC...
    Mandy- this will be a good route for you since you will probably be moving because Im sure you could do a step up program at another college in the future once you finish those prereqs

    Have you all gone to the financial aid meeting? I go tomorrow @10 am
    I paid the $95 enrollment fee and got a flash drive with info on the college. I also believe the only other expenses is the backround and drug test. The other expenses are in the cost of the program

    ****Also FYI if any of you are CNAs already... I am and they are able to transfer in my CNA class and I do not have to do that portion of the program which in turn makes my tuition a little less
  3. by   gisycast
    Hello all! I will also be starting the LVN program in February. I am currently trying to get my background check, vaccinations, and physical done. Have any of you gotten all these things done yet?

    P.S. You can also add me on facebook - gisycard@hotmail.com

    Looking forward to meeting you and I'm available as a study buddy!