Kaiser New Grad West LA 2016 program

  1. Hey all I wanted to start a thread for those of us who applied for the Kaiser New Grad RN position in west Los Angeles. I received an email with a prescreen and emailed back I am waiting for an update I think it would be nice to see how the process is going for everyone ������ The cohort is supposed to start in June I believe anyone else care to share??
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  3. by   babeinboots
    Is it too late to apply? How did you find the application? Thanx in advance!
  4. by   calijenn
    Hey! I literally stalk the Kaiser website for job opportunities for new grads and from previous posters i read they do it randomly. This post came up on May 2nd and on my job page it says they are still accepting applications I'm not sure if you can see it or not. Only thing I heard about Kaiser here where I live is you either have to have previous experience or have good connections to get in. I'm scared lol
  5. by   Brazuk
    Do you mind sending us the link to the application. I couldn't find it.
  6. by   calijenn
    Yes of course the link is Search Jobs - Kaiser Permanente Careers and if that doesn't work the job number is 479955
  7. by   calijenn
    Normally KP new grad jobs aren't up for long it was posted may 2nd
  8. by   Brazuk
    Thank you so much for the information, unfortunately I was not able to find it.

    Thanks again!! and good luck.
  9. by   calijenn
    aw man yeah theyre fast in taking them down the only way i found it was checking everyday lol. UC san diego is hiring new grads also i just applied
  10. by   Brazuk
    Hey calijenn I just spoke to HR at KP West LA. They said is too late to apply for the new grad position.

    Good luck to you and keep us updated.
  11. by   calijenn
    Thank you brazuk I will keep you updated on anything I get
  12. by   puffsie
    Hi i have an interview next friday! they said it would be a group interview but other than that i really dont know anything about it. If anyone can share tips i would appreciate it!
  13. by   calijenn
    Congratulations!! I haven't got anything yet if I do I'll post yay so exciting
  14. by   princesscoronado
    Glendale Adventist Medical Center has continuing New Grad program