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I'm just curious if its hard for a new grad to get a job at Hoag hospital or if its hard to get into the new grad program. I'm sure this is a popular hospital and tons of people apply for the... Read More

  1. by   2boys1nurse
    Good morning, Altered. I am not sure where you are attending school at this moment, but yes I have heard about them paying for school if you are an employee. In return you give them 2 years of service. Is the student loan program new? I can't recall ever hearing about this one. The application process is not difficult. They key is to contact Hoag or any other hospital during their New Grad dinners or get togethers they offer specifically for new grads that either have finished nursing school or will be in the coming few months. Do not wait until you are done with school to seek nursing employment. Contact all the hospitals you are interested in learning about and find out now, if you are going to graduate nursing school in April-June 2009, when their New Grad dinners are. You can choose your specialty. Hoag Hospital will start New Grads day shift during orientation first 5 weeks or so, then you will be assigned the night shift. Unless you get lucky and find a day shift. I hope this information is helpful. Feel free to contact me again if you should have anyother questions. I do not always check my emails on a daily basis. Good luck with nursing school!
  2. by   BrianRN1975
    Do you know anything about the Pre-employment pharmacology test at Hoag? I have to take it soon and dont have much info to go on.
  3. by   2boys1nurse
    Good morning,

    There is no need to worry about the preliminary nursing exam administered by Hoag Hospital. Questions are NClex type questions. Even if you happen to miss more than allowed, Dawn will let you know which ones you missed and I believe correct the missed questions. I am not sure, but I believe so. Good Luck and you will do fine.

  4. by   BKnights
    How much is Hoag's starting salary? The previous posts stated it was $25 in 2007 plue $5 for night shift. Im going to the open house, and Im guessing there will be hundreds there.
  5. by   2boys1nurse
    Sorry I do not know the current rate of pay. Good Luck! Great place to work
  6. by   deliverator
    2 of my classmates started the New Grad program in the ECU this past Feb 2009. One starting was $25.50 per hours, $5.15 night differentials, 36 hr week, time and a half after 8 hrs.

    The other was $26.56 plus the $5.15 night diff.

    It averages out to around $30/hr
  7. by   2boys1nurse
    I am not sure what dept. you are interested in working, but try to negotiate or obtain a higher rate of pay if it is a specialty area. You are correct if averages around $30 an hour if you work on the night shift, but either way it is an exceptional hospital to work for. Good luck!
  8. by   ks1773
    Is Hoag racist in picking new grads? because so far during my CCE program, I have yet to see a non-white nurse, most of their nurses have blond hair and blue eyes. It's very discouraging.
  9. by   monkeysarecute
    Hi everyone!

    I'm a new grad and I'm interested in applying to Hoag. How can I apply for the position? When do the applications open?

  10. by   50caliber
    Quote from uscstu4lfe
    This is totally unrelated to the original post, but Hoag hospital is in an absolutely beautiful location! Oh my god, overlooking the harbor and Pacific ocean... talk about paradise at work! I was just at the beach over there and can not imagine a better location! I'd insist on working on the top floor for the best view!

    Just on a side note, I really think Hoag should be paying more than $29 bucks an hour because the cost of living in Newport Beach is definitely on the high side
    Never understood that. Newport beach is an extremely expensive place to live in and 29/hr is peanuts. I know of rural hospitals up in Northern CA that pay much much more than that for new grads and the cost of living amounts to nothing. It probably doesn't hurt that they all belong to unions.