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I'm just curious if its hard for a new grad to get a job at Hoag hospital or if its hard to get into the new grad program. I'm sure this is a popular hospital and tons of people apply for the... Read More

  1. by   annlee1318
    The unit where I interviewed it at goes by 12 hour shifts. They stated that they pay 25.05 for a new grad, and 5.15 night differential per hour. After 8 hours is NOT time and a half. So that would be around 30/hour if working nights. In fact, the stated shift states 7pm-730am. Hope that helps!
  2. by   Back2School@40
    Quote from luv2shopp85
    No that isn't right. After 8 hours you will then make time and a half. And that evens out to 29 something an hour. That is not including the night differential.
    You are right. You will get time and a half after 8 hours. It's the law.
  3. by   CRNA2BKY
    . After 8 hours is NOT time and a half. So that would be around 30/hour if working nights. In fact, the stated shift states 7pm-730am. Hope that helps! [/quote]

    Back2School@40 is correct. By LAW, everything over 8hrs in one day is considered overtime at time and 1/2.
  4. by   randybayrn
    California has a law that requires hospitals to pay time and a half after 8 hours for a 12 hour shift, which is typical of most So Cal hospitals except Kaiser has some 8 hour shifts. It is the law, and so you DO get time and a half. HOAG pays 25.05 per hour for the first 8 then time and a half for the next/last 4 hours. This equals approximately 28-29 per hour. They also pay a 5.15 per hour night shift differential if you work 7p-7a. The only hospitals that are exempt from this law are the ones that are affiliated with universities like UCI and UCLA, and this is because they fall under an exemption for public schools.
  5. by   CRNA2BKY
    Sorry, but I didn't use the quote thingy all that good. Anyway, at the end of my last post, I said that by law, you DO get paid time and 1/2 for all hours worked over 8 hours. It's a state law that everyone MUST follow. I lived out there for many years, and employers can face very stiff penalties if they do not follow the law. It states that all employees must receive a 1/2 hour break after 4 hours. If no break was offered by the employer, then all time after the 4 hours is automatically paid as overtime. After working 8 hours, all time after that is also paid as overtime. And, in addition, all time in one workweek that is over 40 hours is also overtime. California has excellent work rules that MUST be followed by ALL employers, Kaiser and everyone else. Hope that helps.:spin:
  6. by   Gomer
    RE: the time and a half OT opinions.....CA labor law allows for hospitals with union contracts which have specially stated that OT be paid after 40 hrs/week not to be required to pay OT after 8 hours/day. Also, state owned hospitals are exempt from the OT after 8 hours/day law. And, hospitals may be exempt from the OT after 8 hours/day (in other words they pay OT after 40 hours/week) if they hold an election to be voted on by that particular employee groups (e.g., RN's, LVN's, etc) where the vote is (1) willing to work 12-hour shifts with OT paid after 40 hr/wk or (2) willing to work 8-hour shifts with OT paid after 8 hr/day. This vote has been perceived by the employee group as a threat to force them to change from the 12-hour shift (which most people love) back to the 8-hour shift. So they accept the OT for 12-hr shifts after working 40-hr week. And, yes, according to CA labor law, this is legal.
  7. by   luv2shopp85
    Well I dont know about all this.. but I do know the Hoag hospital that I am applying for a job pays 29 an hour for 12 hours.
  8. by   Gomer
    I'm guessing that 29/hr is your average hourly rate. In other words, your hourly rate is lower than 29/hr but they have calculated your 4-hours of OT into the lower rate. Suggest you check with HR...ask them if 29 is your average hourly rate or will you get 4-hours of OT (assuming you are on 12-hour shifts) on top of the 29.
  9. by   randybayrn
    25.05/hr is the "base rate" you get this rate 0-8 hours
    time and a half after 8 hrs is 37.58/hr for hours 8-12
    Add all that together and you end up with 29.23/hr
    At HOAG if you work 7p-7a you also get an additional 5.15/hr
  10. by   CRNA2BKY
    I learn something new everyday. Didn't know about the exemptions, as I was working in a different industry when I worked out there. Thanks for posting this Gomer.
  11. by   uscstu4lfe
    This is totally unrelated to the original post, but Hoag hospital is in an absolutely beautiful location! Oh my god, overlooking the harbor and Pacific ocean... talk about paradise at work! I was just at the beach over there and can not imagine a better location! I'd insist on working on the top floor for the best view!

    Just on a side note, I really think Hoag should be paying more than $29 bucks an hour because the cost of living in Newport Beach is definitely on the high side
  12. by   2boys1nurse
    I use to work for Hoag Hospital. I do agree it is a beautiful hospital. You start off at 25.05 hour x8 hrs. Time in a half last four hours. If you work the night shift $5.15 hr x8 hrs. Time in a half last four hours. I can't remember what it averages out to be. To lazy to do the calculations. But every room is private. Great New Grad program.
  13. by   Altered
    Hoag has a student loan program where you agree to work for them for a minimum 2 yrs. Does this make the application process easier? Can you still choose your specialty?