Is anyone here in the ADN program at Ventura College, in CA? (m)

  1. Hi! I'm new here! I'm going to be starting my prereq's this summer...hopefully I'll only have to take chem, micro, and A&P (and CNA training), I'm crossing my fingers that the other classes I took when I went to college the first time (in 93-96) will transfer.
    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any info on the ADN program at Ventura College. I've heard that there is a waiting list, and it might be years!
    I'm going to make an appointment with an advisor soon, but if anyone knows anything about this, I'd love some feedback!

    Thanks...I look forward to learning a lot from all of you here!

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  3. by   nate
    hello, I to am thinking about going into nursing. I live in bakersfield, california. Our community college has a excellent nursing program (adn). I just talked to the nursing director and she said that there is no waiting list because of the current shortage. Also, the community college adn program is far better than our cal state university program. They produce better graduates and i believe that they pass the nclex exam at a 90% rate and our cal state university is currently at 50%. I also talked to another nurse and she said she heard that the cal state students are trying to transfer to the community college because the program is so much better. So if there is a waiting list in ventura try bakersfield its not that far away. Good luck!
  4. by   Dublin37
    I know LVN & RN are dif. but was is ADN? I will be in a program in Cypress College, CA. I'm still doing pre-req's. Nice to meet you. God bless, Heather
  5. by   AngelicNurse2B
    Hi Heather,

    ADN stands for the Associate Degree Nursing program, it is a 2 year program to be an RN.

    Nice to meet you, too!

  6. by   calililly

    I am not going to the program in Ventura, but I do live in Thousand Oaks, just south of you. I am attending nursing school at Los Angeles Pierce College (I lived in Calabasas when I submitted my application). How is the program up there? I found it incredibly easy to get my old classes to transfer as prereqs, so I think you won't have a problem.

    Our community college district admits to the nursing programs by lottery. So everyone has a shot to get in, but it's just a matter of when. Do they do that in Ventura, too? If so, the waiting list may not be long at all!

    Good luck on getting in, no matter how they do it. It was nice meeting you!

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  7. by   AngelicNurse2B
    I guess the system here isn't by lottery, it's more of a first-come, first-served type of thing. Once your prereqs are done and your application for the nursing program is on file, you are given a "filing date" and begin the program according to when your file was complete. It depends on how many people are waiting before you how long it takes, it's a true WAITING list, unfortunately. And I have heard that the program here is extremely good, but its also extremely popular, so last I heard this list is loooong. Maybe I should look into your school! Is it in Calabasas?
    Nice meeting you, too!
  8. by   kelligrl
    Hey Angelic--

    Nice to meet you. I'm currently third semester in the program at VC. It's a really great program....Your classes should transfer, I graduated college the first time in '97, and mine all transferred. The wait may not be as long as you think...I applied to the program as soon as I finished micro & A&P (both in one semester ) and I only waited one or two semesters to get in. Do You have to do your CNA before you can even apply? They just started that--we were the last class that they started without us all being CNA's. Plus side to that is you start your clinicals in the hospital sooner than we did because you'll already know the basics... Anyway good luck to you...if you have any more questions feel free to ask, I'll try to answer....
  9. by   NurseExplorer
    I had heard that California colleges require nursing students to be CNAs before admitting them. I see it's true! How do you feel about that? What about students that are already EMTs? Would they still be required to become CNAs?

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  10. by   AngelicNurse2B
    Kelligrl! Wow, somebody from VC is here, I'm so happy!
    I'm glad to hear you say that you only had to wait one or two semesters, that makes me feel better. Crossing my fingers it won't be a long wait for me, too! Yep, I have to do the CNA first, I'm going to do that this fall. Did you take chem, or were you ok in micro without it? It says chem is a prereq for micro, but I registered for it this semester though with no problem (I dropped before classes started though, for other reasons). I'm wondering if I should try to take chem this summer, or just jump into micro and A&P without it...last chem class I ever took was in high school, in 1993!
    I'm so glad you are here, I'm sure to be bugging you a lot!
  11. by   kelligrl
    Don't feel bad.. I graduated in 1992!! The last time I took chem was in 10th grade, so as you can see I took both micro and A&P without having chem in the recent past... since I had taken a year (of chemistry) in high school I didn't have to retake it. I took both Micro & A&P in the same semester and got a B in both, so it's definitely possible...your counselor will advise against it, but if you feel like you're up to the challenge, go for it!! And the workload kinda gets you in gear for the's pretty intense! But seriously, you can do it, go for it!!! I hope you don't have to wait too long..Feel free to ask anything, I hope I can answer for you..
  12. by   laurab2jb2
    Hi there!

    I'm not sure if CNA is a requirement for all nursing programs in Sol Cal, but up here in No. Cal, it is not. Our ADN programs do not require it, and neither does the program I'm in (BSN at Chico State).

    What I do know is the I wish I had a CNA before starting the program. I might have been less FREAKED over the first patient care day. If you have the time, it's a good idea!
  13. by   Dublin37
    Hi everyone. I'm at Cypress College, CA and we don't have to be a CNA first to become an RN or LVN. Thanks for the info on ADN, I feel stupid that I didn't figure that one out for myself :0 Heather