interview for ICU as a student nurse

  1. hello my fellow nurses i have a question i have an interview coming up next week for ICU as a SN and im pretty excited about it any advice or tips on the interview? this will be my 1st interview in healthcare since i started nursing school thanks!
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  3. by   majisdicp
    Do you know what kind of interview it is? Panel, group, individual? Find out what kind of questions they'll ask, is it going to be a regular interview, will they ask situational questions, or behavioral questions.
  4. by   AloeBlox
    idk about the questions they going to ask but i do know its 3 people interviewing a peer and a director and idk whose the last one
  5. by   AloeBlox
    i believe its a regular interview and possibly situational
  6. by   majisdicp
    If situational have examples handy of when you did certain ICU-like things.
  7. by   _hellonurse
    If they ask you situational type of questions remember that as a student nurse, your responsibilities are most likely that of CNA (so if there is something wrong with the patient, you should definitely mention that you will stay with the patient and call the RN). They might ask you why you wanted to be a nurse, and why you want to work in that facility/ICU (definitely brush up on the hospital's mission and vision and all that good stuff). Go in there confident and show your love for nursing! GOOD LUCK!!