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  1. well long story short... i got my BA this quarter at csusb in Business/administration with a minor in law....and found out i wanted to do i finished all my pre reqs.... this quarter im taking far i got a 88% and got a final to go and im done......question... im in socal what schools do you guys suggest? i plan on applying valley college, csusb, csulb, chaffey, and mt sac......any advice?
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  3. by   AloeBlox
    ?? i already finished micro... pulled out with a 92% ;p
  4. by   AloeBlox
    applied at valley college and chaffey we'll see what answers?
  5. by   Sarah7781
    what course are you looking to enter for? direct msn?

    i applied to western university of health sciences, UCLA, Azusa Pacific and UC Irvine.
  6. by   AloeBlox
    i just want to apply for my ADN im finishing a BA in Mgmt and Law... this year....but i want to do ADN after i finish my current degree
  7. by   NickiLaughs
    Coriaa...if you have all the prereq's done, seriously, just do the nursing at CSUSB. I was in their program but had to leave for reasons beyond my control.
    The nursing programs is 9 quarters, if you have everything else done, most quarters you won't even be going full time. The program is actually not bad compared to the other nursing schools I have been too, organization helps, just talk to others already in the program for advice on how to prepare.

    I got into csusb's nursing program 1st try and my grades were not stellar, I applied several times at the community colleges only to get rejection letters, and I was an LVN first.

    Good luck! PM me if you have any questions
  8. by   AloeBlox
    cool, when did you apply? i finished all the pre reqs, i did pre all pre reqs for csusb,and llu. and it just happens all these pre reqs overlap community colleges, thats why i wanted to apply for community colleges. Right now i have 4 friends in the RN program in csusb and they say its not organized at all and that their clinicals suck. p s what do you mean i can be part time? is it because of having all GE's done?
    Thanks you
  9. by   NickiLaughs
    Guess what? Clinicals suck ANYWHERE you go, trust me. And I have yet to hear of any organized nursing program. Don't let them discourage you. The majority of nursing instructors are drill sergeants.
    You will be part time because you have all GE's done. I believe there is one or two quarters that it's full time with nursing classes, but most of the time you will be taking 8 - 10 units. A luxury many of your classmates do not have.
    I had started last year in Winter '08, but had to leave for financial reasons. I had began at the beginning of the program despite being an LVN.
    I believe you would start applying pretty soon for the Fall opening, start looking at the letters of rec and everything that they require now, as well as the immunization requirements. Any school will require those immunizations (I know this because I worked as an LVN at CSUSB's health clinic)
    Be VERY nice to the front office staff, even if their jerks, they remember who is nice and who isn't and I believe they mention that to the nursing staff who ultimately decide who gets in. If possible, attempt to volunteer in the nursing office, because that will get you known. If they know you, they are more likely to accept you in the program.

    And really, no nursing program is organized. Clinicals get cancelled on teachers. And many school's have revolving doors with nursing instructors, so what was getting done by one teacher is no longer getting done. Like I said, I've had friends tell me from MANY different nursing schools that their program was disorganized, the one that I am in up north is way more disorganized than cal state was. go figure...

    Good luck
  10. by   AloeBlox
    thanks... i will be applying soon.... i will be taking my teas exam hopefully next month.....but im already applying.... thanks for the advice.... i dont post as much i just look at threads.... but its rare seeing people from SB on here... i will keep this thread updated and see where i can get in..... i guess its a + having all my ge's done ;p ...sucky part is im not eligible for fafsa no more since i already have a BA.... ;(
  11. by   NickiLaughs
    that sucks, but some hospitals will help with your tuition. I know eisenhower is far, but if you work there as a student nurse they double up on your salary or something if you commit to working there after. Yeah, not too many SB residents around here....I always ask about hospitals in our area because I graduate in a couple weeks and I never get any replies.
  12. by   NurseCubanitaRN2b
    That's what's killing me fafsa if I wanted to jump into a BSN program :-( It's stupid but I guess they have their reasons.....When I get my MSN, then I can apply for financial aid it's up to scholarships for me....Good Luck
  13. by   AloeBlox
    good luck to everyone.... any one here know any info about RN program at Valley college in san bernardino... meaning they have gone to the actual program or graduated from there?
  14. by   AloeBlox
    good news i applied at RCC and they say i have a really good chance of getting in this fall.... crossing my fingers....