Im a newbie! any other nurses from Camp Pendleton??

  1. Hi! I am a newbie and just moved onto camp pendleton. Just wondering if I have any fellow nurse neighbors!
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  3. by   pickledpepperRN

    I hope you go to San Onofre State Park. It used to be part of the base. The Marines rented part to the surf club.
    It is beautiful and one of the best beaches for surfers or those interested in learning the sport.
  4. by   Hunter's Mom
    I've been here for a month or so. I'm waiting for my CA license. Have you found a job?.................I've been a LPN for six years................
  5. by   Hunter's Mom
    On the waiting list for De Luz Housing currently in 4th place
  6. by   happylvn
    we just moved into del mar housing. I'm going to do the Home Health thing. A friend of mine works independently with ped. cases for a couple of government agencies and has pointed me in that direction. Just waiting for my authorization from state. I did apply at Maxim and a couple of other agencies, but have since found I can work the same types of cases as a independent and get paid quite a bit more. what about you?
  7. by   Hunter's Mom
    I have only nursing homes lined up. Wasn't aware of Independant or what that means. But I am interested/curious. Christmas and 3 Birthdays coming up..................need help fast
  8. by   happylvn
    i sent you a pm
  9. by   Gem0607
    Has anyone worked on base or know what I need to do in order to get a job close by. I graduate in May and will be moving there as soon as I graduate I need help.