How True is this?

  1. I was reading in a nursing magazine about where new grads should work... a small community based hospital or a large trauma center. ANd it said that is better to work in a larger faciltiy first and then to downgrad to a small facility if you choose too. And that its much harder to upgrade from a smaller facility to a trauma center. Is this true? It seems like all of the hospitals I have called in orange county are only community based hospitals. Those are small hospitals right? Are there any trauma centers in Orange County at all? ANy help would be grealy appreciated.

    A lot of places tell me how many beds they have but that doesn't mean anything to me. And they say acute care.. what is acute care? And they say community hospital.. does that mean its small? Shjould I be asking if they're trauma centers?
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  3. by   luv2shopp85
    ..... can anyone help?
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I think UC Irvine has a trauma Center.

    Depending on where you live Long Beach is not far from OC.
    They have most specialties at their big hospital. And a preceptor program.
  5. by   augigi
    Obviously, the wider experience you are exposed to, the better. You'll get that at a bigger hospital. It's much easier to head to a smaller hospital after gaining wide experience.
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    I don't really want to live or work anywhere near LA. I want to live close to where I work. And I've been looking at huntington beach, newport beach, irvine, anaheim, mission viejo, and laguna hills to live/work.

    But is it harder to go to a larger hospital after being at a community hospital?

    Which would be easier for a new grad, in your opinion? Community hospital or trauma center? As of right now, when I start out I am probably going to med/surg. I haven't done my ob/peds rotation yet so I'm not sure if that will make me want to change my mind and do one of those. I am working at a small community hospital right now as a nurse extern. Basically if theres any kind of trauma they will be life flighted to a trauma center 20 min away. There are no ob/peds in the hospital I work at. If someone is in a car accident and is hurt badly they will more than likely be life flighted to a trauma hospital.
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