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It's been a horrible day. I just got off the phone with the BRN and they have no record of my transcripts. I applied for my interim permit and license by exam in late Dec/early transcripts... Read More

  1. by   calicali111
    Hi Suzanne,

    I know you have mentioned this already. So if BON determines the result, whether I passed or not, the IP will automatically be invalid? Will it be invalid as soon as the result is mailed out? It's been over a week for me and I still have yet seen my name on the website. Do you know if the employer checks for the validity of my IP while I awhile for my NCLEX results? I know that my current employer is checking everyday and so far they are still allowing me to stay. I'm checking my IP status too. Is checking m IP accurate? If it is says it is still valide, does this mean they have yet come to a conclusion in determining whether I passed or not?