Hours of Clinical for RN Program?

  1. I know this varies for all the different programs, but I was wondering if anyone knew about the L.A. County/U.S.C. Medical Center RN Program inparticular.

    I am completely finished with my g.e. so I will only be doing the program itself.

    Does anyone know about the hours. I thought I heard about 3-4 days of clinical from around 6am-1pm, a break for lunch then off to lecture.

    Does that sound about right?

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  3. by   dion32
    I just graduated from LA County College of Nursing in May. 1st semester the clinical hours are 7am - 1:30pm Mon-thurs, 2nd semester 7-2:30 M-TH, 3rd and 4th semester 7am - 3:30pm Mon-thurs. On clinical days there is no lecture. I hope this helps.
  4. by   michellesrndream
    Thanks so much for the reply. I was just wondering, is it clinicals Mon & Th or Mon thru Thurs? And if it is Mon thru Thurs, when are lectures?

    I'm sending off my app on Monday for the Jan. 07 start date.

    Congrats to you! Are you going to stay on working at county? And to bug you even further...do you have any info, advice, or any pros and cons of the program?

    Thanks so much!!!
  5. by   dion32
    Lectures are Mon & Thurs. I decided not to work at the county. I was interested in Psych, so I decided to go work at UCLA (adolescent psychiatry) and I love it. Pros of the program at the county: Excellent clinical experience and it's pretty cheap. Cons: can't really think of any. When people hear you graduated from the county they know you are ready.