HELP PLSE!!! New grad pediatrics in San Diego

  1. hey everyone!!! I will be moving back to San diego in March after graduating with my RN. I really want find a new grad position in peds but the more I search in the area, I am getting worried. I would love to work at the Children's hospital but they only accept new grads in Feb. and Sept. and I will just miss the Feb. date and can't afford to wait till fall. I have looked at Scripps, Sharp, and UCSD and have found nothing in peds. Has anybody taken a new grad position in peds at any hopsital in SD or know anybody that has? what other hospitals in the area have a peds unit?? Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you
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  3. by   prmenrs
    CHHC pretty much has a corner on the market. I think you could try the Naval Hospital.
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  4. by   taapple
    Do you know if the naval hospital takes new grads?? I would love to work there. I appreciate your response.
  5. by   prmenrs
    Found the site (it wasn't easy):
  6. by   taapple
    Thanks for your help- I have been to that sight and yes very hard to find!!! There is no mention about new grads however. So..... the search continues. Thanx again
  7. by   prmenrs
    I'd encourage you to get in touch w/them. Just because they don't mention it doesn't mean it's not there! Ask if it's possible to speak to the Nurse Manager of the unit. And have all your documents ready to fax just in case.