1. Okay so I am a nursing student, and I start my clinical on wed. I am terrified!! What do you feel are the most important LVN skills and info to review before clinical?? I feel like the expectations are super high, the instructors say they expect us to "hit the floor running". Please help!! LOL
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  3. by   ginarn5
    Know your Medication Rights and your patient and their diagnosis. Be safe and if you are not sure of something---ask! It's normal to be terrified. Good luck!
  4. by   edgwow
    Hang in there. We were all there at some point. Be kind and patient to yourself. Your patients are not ogres they are your next door neighbors and the man around the corner. If you do not know something, ask! If your not sure, run it by the instructor first. Best of luck to you
  5. by   jensfbay
    I totally understand what you're going through. There was a point that I would even cry the night and/or could not sleep. Do you have somebody in your clinical you can talk to as a support? It helps to know that you're not the only one terrified. Talk to your classmates. And Yes...ask, ask, ask. Good luck!
  6. by   SweetVen
    most of us been there before. gud luck. have fun and always ask........
  7. by   carol72
    May I ask how your first day of clinicals went? Was it really that bad? Did you really have to hit the ground running - or was the first day just an orientation to the clinical site?
  8. by   dcoffee
    As mentioned, know the Medication Rights, know a little something about what the medication is for, Wash Hands....too often is better than not enough! Don't be afraid to ask your instructor questions, in fact, I encourage you to. You are not supposed to know everything, you may have your instructor thinking you know it all if you don't ask questions. That is the last thing you want!!!! Sometimes instructors may make you feel like you are being singled out, or that they want you to fail. I saw it happen many times to me and my fellow classmates during the LVN program I was in. Well if they could see me now!!! (I graduated in June 2005) Good Luck! Don't let anyone bring you down, if you really want to be a nurse, you will do what is necessary to get through what you have to to get there. Dana