Hartnell College RN Program

  1. Hey everyone,

    I've applied to several ADN community college programs around Northern California for Fall 2011, including Hartnell College in Salinas. What are some of your experiences with this school's nursing program? Does this school have a good reputation? How about the retention rates of the program? How are the teachers, classes, facilities, etc? What are some things I should know about this program? Any information would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   Determined2b
    Did you ever hear from Hartnell?
  4. by   hijadecalifas
    Hello! Why yes, I got accepted there and also at my first choice school, Contra Costa College, which is about 10 minutes away from me. So, I had to decline going to Hartnell (which is more than 2 hours from home), but it sounds like a great program. I am now happily in my second semester at CCC and I love it here.
  5. by   Determined2b
    Good Job! I bet you are having fun. Did they send your letter pretty close to the deadline that was given?
  6. by   hijadecalifas
    Thanks! I am

    Yeah, from what I remember I got the letter in the mail relatively close to the deadline. Good luck! I hope you get in!! If not, keep on trying
  7. by   Determined2b
    I got my fingers crossed. Thank you!!
  8. by   nb1104_
    @hijadecalifas, this is a very old posting but I'm just wondering. I am in the alternate list for CCC. From #24, I went down to #16. Just want to seek from a former student's opinion, do you think my chance of getting in the program is good (if I do pass the teas?) thank you!
  9. by   hijadecalifas
    @kbear09 I think you have a chance, but it will be close. Our class size was about 24 and a few days before the classes started, they called number 17 on the wait list to let her know she was in. How many students are they letting in this year? Good luck! It's a great program.
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  10. by   nb1104_
    @hijadecalifas ccc is taking students up to 28 this year. The lady who called me regarding the TEAS told me that they called up to the 29th student from the alternate last year. Thank you! I really hope to get in. I dropped my classes at east bay to study for the teas bc I did get in another waitlist program that doesn't start til fall 18, but I don't wanna risk it and fail, and go through remediation process.